Massage Your Way to Health


Once every month or so – preferably after I have completed a really satisfying major home improvement project – I treat myself to a really good body massage.  A massage is just the kind of treatment one needs to relieve all the accumulated stress and soreness that builds up when you are putting down a brand new floor, or installing new paneling, or pouring the lining for a new swimming pool.  And I was fortunate to take advantage of some major discounts by using a Groupons coupon that gave me up to 70% off on the cost of a 60- to 90-minute full body massage.

Some of my fellow home improvement entrepreneurs find their relaxation by going to the nearest bar or golf club for a game or a brew.  Others simply take off for a fishing trip or a weekend  on the shore.  Me, personally, I prefer to relax by getting a full body massage and a  steam bath, followed by a complete rubdown that relaxes  all the muscles and when completed makes  me feel completely refreshed.

Last year I had the task of putting down a complete wood floor for some banker whose wife wanted to “have real parquet wood” in her dream house.  I was glad to get the job but I also knew it would be a real back-breaker.  The floor had to be leveled, then the sub-floor materials had to be  laid, then the planks  for the parquet had to be cut precisely to size, coated and finished, and then installed.  Even with the assistance of two guys who were long-time  pros in the field  of laying quality wood flooring the job took more than a week and a half.  The  weather affected our progress as well, because we wanted to be sure the floor fit together without any mishaps caused by humidity or temperature changes.  And of course the wood was a very kind of oak that the lady had specified.  All in all, it was one of the biggest and most satisfying contract jobs I had done in my career as an interior decorator and flooring installation specialist.

  There are also Groupons currently available that offer pedicures and treatments to relax your muscles and relieve your stress.  So the next time you need to get  you body refreshed after going through a tough day physically, or even to relax  yourself  from a day or week of overwrought work or  tension, take advantage of a Groupon directly from your smartphone to get a full body massage.  You’ll be glad you did.

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