Making the Smart Move: Buying a Shipping Container


These days, buying your own shipping container is seen as a useful addition for domestic use. They are much more affordable than you may think, and their sturdy construction has multiple uses that can last a very long time. Ocean-going containers last around 15 years, but often they are grounded because of strict regulations related to the shipping industry deeming them unfit for sea-transport. However, they are still very durable for a multitude of uses on dry land, and buying a 2nd hand container could prove really useful. But where do people buy them from? And what should you be looking for?

Types of Containers

  • There are various different size containers, from 10ft up to 40ft. Which one you’ll buy depends on your needs, and how much you want to invest.
  • Make sure the place you buy your container from is accredited by IICL surveyors that can CSC Certify all containers for export
  • Mostly, make sure you can view your container properly before you purchase. All too often a company will want to sell you a container without you being able to personally inspect it.
  • If you want to buy a shipping container in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or any port city in Australia, you should request to view the container at their depot.
  • You can also ask if they have any specialised equipment such as Flatracks, Opentops, or Refrigerated containers.
  • You also need to ensure they can guarantee delivery to where you need it. Container sellers should always have the correct transport to bring the container where you’d like.

Domestic Uses

Perfectly good containers are often deemed unfit for shipping because of the very high standards set by the industry, however are perfect for domestic use. Sometimes shipping companies will also sell on perfectly good 2nd hand containers simply because they are downsizing their stock. Alternatively, you can also purchase a brand new shipping container if you please. They are the same containers that are made for overseas shipping and are of industry-standard quality. Many home users choose to buy shipping containers for the versatility they provide, converting them into a studio, workshop, even offices or living space. The container seller should be able to advise you on possible modifications.

Get Your Hands on a Container

The popularity of owning a shipping container has risen vastly over the past ten years, particularly in Australia. People buy them and then convert them into extra space for their home or business. It’s easy to buy a 2nd hand container, and you should be able to go down to the depot to take a look. From there, you can view the different sizes and have a discussion about what kind of modifications could be made to it that suits your needs. Do ensure that any 2nd hand or brand new shipping container that your purchase is certified to industry stands. Certainly, buying a durable shipping container could be the answer to provide the extra space you need.

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