Make Your Home More Appealing with Solar


Solar energy isn’t only great for the environment, it’s also great for our finances. Investing in solar at home has long been seen as a savvy investment, but it’s also increasingly seen as an investment to rival traditional investments like bonds, stocks and shares.

If you haven’t invested in solar for your home you’re missing out on many benefits, including the following five that may make you view solar in an entirely new light.

  1. It eliminates or significantly reduces energy bills
  2. It helps to guard against rising energy costs
  3. There are often schemes to further reduce costs
  4. You can earn excellent returns on investment
  5. It can increase the value of your property

Each of the five reasons listed above is great for your financial situation, so why wouldn’t you invest in solar power for your Adelaide home? You’ll not only be doing the environment a big favour and help to boost local jobs and the local economy, but you’ll also reap the many financial rewards that are now associated with solar.

Energy conscious homebuyers

Generally speaking, homebuyers are far savvier than they used to be when it comes to buying property. And a notable trend that many real estate agents have been quick to point out is that they’re far more energy conscious than ever before.

So, what does this mean for homeowners? It means that by installing solar panels on their homes they’re going to increase the value of their properties and make them more appealing to homebuyers.

Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, it’s still an investment that pays excellent returns. In fact, it makes perfect sense to invest in solar now if you’re not planning to sell for quite some time so as to take advantage of the five benefits listed above before you sell.

That way you’ll recover your initial outlay and enjoy free energy at home before you put your house on the market. And for a higher selling price than you’d be able to had you not invested in solar panels.

If you’re going to make your property more appealing to homebuyers in the future by installing solar panels on the roof of your home, why not capitalise upon the situation by adding a few more additions to further increase your home’s energy efficiency?

In addition to solar panels, these five savvy projects will boost your home’s energy efficient properties, further enhance its value and make it even more appealing to homebuyers when you decide to sell.

  1. Install a Whirlybird on the roof to enhance airflow
  2. Replace old windows with double glazed windows
  3. Locate and seal up all the gaps and air leaks
  4. Have a rainwater tank installed to catch rainwater
  5.  Paint the roof with solar-reflective white coating

These five projects are minor projects, but when they’re combined with new solar panels on the roof of your home it’s remarkable how much more appealing your home will be to potential homebuyers.

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