Make Sure You Use a Waste Disposal Unit Properly


Waste disposal units represent the ultimate convenience for a homeowner – simply drop your banana peels and other food scraps down the drain, turn on the tap, and then flip a switch. You can remove the debris like magic. However, the waste doesn’t just disappear into thin air. Any waste that cannot be recycled or composted tends to transition into a form of pollution, which defeats the purpose of a waste disposal unit.

How to Deal with Food Scraps Environmentally

Whilst waste disposal units keep food out of landfills and reduce the atmospheric levels of greenhouse gas, also known as methane, they merely shift the problem to a wastewater treatment system instead. When food waste collects in the waterway, it increases the amounts of nutrients, such as nitrogen, which can negatively impact the water supply by encouraging bacterial growth. Therefore, the greenest way to deal with any food scraps is to use them for composting.

You need to create less waste in general if you want to responsibly dispose of food scraps. You also need to decrease the amount of grease that goes down the kitchen drain from foods that are fatty. According to plumbers in Eastbourne, a buildup of grease causes blockages in municipal sewer lines as well as in home plumbing systems.

How a Waste Disposer Can Impact a Septic System

Also, if you have a septic system on your property, you may need to increase the septic tank’s size in order to use a waste disposal system. With the increased workload, you may also find that you have to remove waste from the tank more often.

Waste disposers can fit discreetly under the kitchen sink and can be easily installed by a plumbing specialist. Today’s waste disposal units are manufactured to pulverise food in a fast and efficient manner. Just make sure that you do not use hot water when you are operating the unit. Using hot water is not environmentally friendly, as it essentially wastes the energy you use to heat the water. To enforce a comprehensive “green” approach in your household, only use cold water when you operate your waste disposer unit.


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