Make Repairs Like a Girl: Why Women Should Own Tools


It may be a man’s world, but that doesn’t make women helpless bystanders. More women pride themselves in independence and equality more than ever, and yet many don’t own a proper set of tools for repair work around the home. There has long been a masculine sense of ownership when it comes to heavy duty tools, and a large group of women fail to realize the importance of having them around, when in reality, every home should have a full complement of tools on hand for emergencies and other situations. Here are three of the main reasons that women should own their own tools.

The Right Tools Can Save You Time and Energy.

Have you ever tried to install shelving with a manual screwdriver? Chances are your wrists were as sore as your muscles by the time the job was completed. Many women avoid power tools because they seem complicated or difficult to use. On the contrary, these tools use electric power to complete the job quickly, saving you time and (thankfully) wrist dexterity. Installing your own shelves, hanging large pictures, and mounting other décor elements can be done surprisingly fast with a power drill. Imagine being able to buy trendy Scandinavian furniture that has to be put together when you take it home and not having to worry about how time-consuming it will be to put together!

home improvement tool

Save Money on Repairs.

Repairs often don’t come cheap, and the sad fact is that a great deal of them shouldn’t cost anything at all. Most repairmen will admit that you pay them for the use of their tools, not their expertise. You can do a large majority of home repair yourself with a basic knowledge of your home’s inner workings and some quality tools. Cabinetry, minor plumbing elements, light fixtures, and other house and home elements are extremely easy to fix. If you feel particularly repair-challenged, there are literally thousands of videos online that will walk you through simple repairs in just a few minutes. What’s more, a year’s worth of at-home repair can add up to a large amount of money, so the tools will pay for themselves!

Repairs Can Be Done on Your Schedule, Not Someone Else’s.

Waiting for the repairman to arrive is like sitting in one of the inner circles of hell. Often an entire day is spent waiting to let them in to do the job. This is an unproductive use of your time and effort. Instead of missing work or a lovely day off, pull out your tools and fix it. The amount of time spent will almost always be less than the time it would have taken for the professional to arrive. Even if you spend a few hours working on the maintenance, just remember how long it would have taken for the repairman to come and fix it!

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