Let Professionals take care of Concrete Repairs


There’s nothing more unsightly than cracked concrete on or around your property. It can not only look bad but may also reduce the value of your home especially if you decide to sell. The good news is, reliable concrete firms in Melbourne offer a range of repairs for all different types of damaged concrete surfaces. These include:-   driveway cleaning

            colour sealing

            crumbled corners and holes

            slab concrete repairs

            in situ wall repairs

            exposed aggregate repairs

Let the experts provide you with cost-effective solutions to revitalise your property exteriors without the costly need to remove the entire area and replace it.

A trusted team will give you professional advice for every project no matter how large or small it is. When repairs have been completed, all work comes with a six year guarantee so you have peace of mind that the job will last.

Concrete slabs, foundations, exposed aggregate and footings

As a householder, you may have plans for your property which involve concrete construction. If you’re not too sure about tackling the job yourself, why not hand the work over to a team of concrete specialists in Melbourne? Dedicated tradesmen can provide you with consultation, design, engineering as well as any necessary permits to complete concrete constructions.

Find out more about exposed aggregate concrete Melbourne to improve your driveway’s appearance. Exposed aggregate concrete is now becoming one of the most popular driveway finishes. There’s a huge range of colours and textured aggregate suitable for landscapes and different designs of properties.

One of the main advantages of exposed aggregate concrete is that the surface reveals the natural textures of stones such as:-

  1. shells
  2. crushed stone
  3. pebbles

As well as exposed aggregate concrete, there’s also the choice of coloured and plain concrete. Both can rejuvenate your driveway or outdoor areas.

The perfect concrete driveway

If you’re interested in having a new concrete driveway, make contact by phone or online with Melbourne concrete operatives. Advisers will be more than happy to discuss affordable driveway solutions with you. There’s plenty of online info regarding the step-by-step process of laying concrete driveways by reputable Melbourne firms. Here’s a brief guide of what you can expect:-

  1. Get an online quote by using an online quote calculator or make arrangements for a site manager to call round to your home. You will then be provided with a free onsite measure and quote.
  2. An initial site inspection will then be conducted in order for concrete driveway preparation work. Site preparation usually begins with excavation and drainage.
  3. Once a full inspection has been completed, a checklist will be drawn up for the agreement of both parties involved. Then a 50% upfront payment is needed to order the concrete.
  4. After full payment is made, the concrete process will begin. This involves pouring and exposing or finishing the concrete.

After a 36 hour period, your new concrete driveway will be acid washed and sealed, ready to use.

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