LED Lighting Fixture Options


Depending on what your facility needs, like convenience store lighting, you can choose from a wide variety of lighting options, including:

  • Flood lights
  • Outdoor wall lights
  • Ceiling lights
  • Step lights
  • Spotlights
  • Lampposts

Regardless of the application, one or more of these lighting products can give you the illumination you need to maintain visibility and improve your exterior security, in addition to other security implementations.

Outdoor Applications for LED Lights

As outdoor LED lighting is expected to make up over 75% of all lighting sales by 2030, businesses will do well to install these and see immediate benefits.

Businesses can gain more control over areas fitted with exterior LED lighting, subsequently increasing security by allowing for additional observation. Areas that can utilize LED lights include:

  • High-traffic walkways – LEDs are ideal in these areas because of their availability of colors and styles along with directional lighting capabilities, improving security while enhancing the environment’s aesthetics.
  • Parking garages and lots – LED parking lot lights can help eliminate the number of dark spots throughout parking lots while ultimately improving visibility for drivers.
  • Pole- and wall-mounted lights – LEDs are also versatile in their design, which makes them ideal for use in wall- or pole-mounted lights, along with other locations.
  • Recreational areas and dock doors – To help reduce energy usage, lighting controls are often installed such as photosensors, dimmers, movement sensors, timers, and more that can also apply to exterior LEDs.
  • Valuable architecture or statues – These are items that are often sought after by criminals, but with one or more bright LED lights illuminating these pieces, potential thieves are less likely to steal them.
  • Building signage – If you simply want to make signage more visible to pedestrians and drivers, LED lighting is ideal to help provide sufficient lighting while saving money.

Installing one or more of these LED lighting systems can help your business save money while increasing visibility and security. Whether they’re for a large or small business, exterior LEDs can serve as invaluable assets, while increasing energy efficiency. Nearly any type of environment can benefit from energy-efficient LED lighting installations.

Consult with an LED Lighting Contractor

For professional installation of LED lighting solutions for your business exterior, it’s best to work with experienced and reputable lighting contractors who can work with you to design and implement a solution that truly works for you.

With professional design and installation, you can keep your staff and customers more consistently protected while saving on energy expenses over the years.

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