Keep Your Roof in Good Shape by Having It Cleaned


When you see algae, lichen or moss growing on a roof, the added greenery does not add to a home’s kerb appeal. If this is a problem for you, you need to contact a contractor who can clean the offending growth off the roof and treat it afterwards.

What Standard Cleaning Services Entail

Standard roof cleaning services for getting rid of moss or algae include the following:

  • Coverings are placed to catch any falling moss during the cleaning process.
  • The guttering is disconnected from the drains.
  • The roof is cleaned manually using brushes.
  • Broken tiles are replaced.
  • The roof is inspected in its entirety.
  • Debris is removed and cleaned from the gutters before they are inspected.
  • Any minor repairs to the guttering are performed.
  • Moss retardant is applied to the roof by Hampshire roof cleaning technicians.

Any residue or cleaning that still needs to be done will be facilitated as well. This means that the roof cleaning company will leave the property owner’s yard neat and tidy. Therefore, any moss or related debris are removed after cleaning.

Power Washing Is Not Initiated

The control treatments used for algae and moss control are proven applications. Not only do the solutions destroy and remove any algae, moss, or lichen from the roof, they are also used to keep regrowth from occurring on the driveways, walls, or patios. Also, during this type of cleaning process, power washing is not initiated. Instead, as noted, the roof cleaning specialists use brushes. Care is taken to make sure no harm comes to the surface of the roof or the guttering.

So, if you have a moss, algae, or lichen growth issue on your roof or on other areas, such as your home’s exterior walls, contact a roof cleaner to learn more about their cleaning and treatment process. Reinvigorate the looks of your home and add to its overall appearance. Make a call today to review the available service offerings.


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