Is Your Microwave Oven in Need of an Urgent Repair?


The humble microwave oven has been in family homes since the 1980s. Once touted as the ultimate solution for mothers in the kitchen, the microwave has since become a fantastic tool for heating up meals, defrosting food, and general cooking. In short, many homeowners would not know what to do without it!

A Story of Liberation

The truth is that the housewives of the 1960s and 1970s were still expected to be tied to the kitchen. Even though the participation of women in the job market did increase towards the middle of the 1970s, women were still expected to do the bulk of the meal preparation in the average family home.

The appearance of the microwave in the 1980s provided the following benefits:

  • Gave everyone in the home the freedom to cook at any time and to do it quickly.
  • Provided working mothers with a quick and easy way to heat up their own meals after they returned home from work.
  • Allowed teenagers and husbands with a convenient way to eat when they wanted to without having to rely on the woman of the home.

In this way, the humble microwave was something of a liberator, even though it is simply commonplace now.

Is Your Microwave on the Blink?

As reliable as they are nowadays, microwaves do break down from time to time. Whether it is the belt that needs replacing or the door hinge that has simply stopped working, St. Albans microwave ovens repair shops offer repair and engineering services.

It is certainly true that the humble microwave has come a long way from the early days in the 1980s, and they are now so much more affordable, but lots of people still rely on them each and every day in their kitchens. When they go on the blink, it’s important to have the contact number of a good repair shop on hand.

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