Is your garage secure


How is it that many household’s most prized and expensive possessions such as cars, bikes and furniture are stored in the garage, yet security wise it still remains one of the most vulnerable areas of the property? Many UK homeowners leave their garages as a weak spot, open to burglary and theft, by underestimating its importance. There are however a number of easy yet effective ways to secure your garage against unwanted entry.


Do you have a burglar alarm or home security system? The simplest thing you can do to protect your space is extend the home system to the garage, not just the connecting door.

Common sense

A lot of the steps you can take to protect your garage are purely common sense. For example, never leave your garage door opener remote in your car. Thieves may break into your car to steal the remote and target your home.


If your garage has windows make sure they are high quality, secure and most importantly, always locked. You may even consider installing burglar bars over the inside of your windows. If you do have windows make sure they are effectively covered up with curtains or blinds as to not advertise the contents within!

Check your locks

Another obvious security measure, yet one which many homeowners neglect, is purchasing a high quality locking system for your garage door.  Even if it is for the simple fact that the look of a new, high tech lock on your door alone may be enough to put off a thief from attempting entry.

Door defender

Another option which can be useful purely for its look alone is a door defender. A door defender is a large metal plate bolted into concrete that will prevent the door from opening. This is a slightly extreme measure but may be useful for a garage that is not used for long periods of time.


Having motion detectors lights in and around your garage may prove to be an effective burglar deterrent. As thieves, for obvious reasons, always prefer to work in the dark.


An old, dilapidated garage door is a sure fire invitation for thieves to come and try their luck. Garage doors have come a long way in the past few years in terms of security, so maybe it is time to invest in a new one. It is not only the garage doors itself that can be a target. Make sure, if you have a side access door, that it is as secure as your home’s front door.

Access to your home

Ultimately if your garage is connected to the rest of your property, the more secure it is, the more secure your home is. The connecting area between your garage and home should be highly secured using a number of measures such as deadbolts and alarms.

While no one can ever guarantee complete safety, by investing a little time and money and employing a little common sense, you can considerably reduce your chances of a break-in.Keeping your garage, and therefore your home, safe.

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