Is a Pitless Lift For You?


Taking the stairs at home offers you the benefit of getting a fair amount of physical exercise; however, an entire day of plodding on the staircase when you need to rush could not only be exhausting, but absolutely counter-productive, stressful, and yes, annoying. Having a home lift is a terrific idea, especially when you move up and down the house very often. Nowadays, homeowners are opting to have home lifts installed to increase mobility, productivity and ease. The question is, how do you install a home lift when your space at home is very limited?

pitless lift

Faced with this dilemma, a Pitless Lift might just be the right solution for you.

What is a pitless lift?

Pitless Lifts are a modern innovation in lift systems. They are an ideal addition for modern day houses with 2 to 6 storeys or floor surfaces. Pitless lifts can be installed in any type of home, be it single detached, duplex, or multi-storey residential structures. In a pitless lift, the drive unit and controls are all set up in a self-contained cabinet. Sizes of pitless lifts vary according to capacity. For an 8 persons lift, approximate size is 385mm by 180mm by 2160mm.

What should you be looking for in a pitless lift?

Pitless Lifts are adjustable and customizable for set up either outside or inside of your residential building. It could be a totally new unit; or a replacement for the conventional elevator with a shaft, and offers the convenience of being suitable to be installed in existing spaces in your home. No need to knock down walls or do heavy remodelling!

How do you know if a pitless lift is for you?

You may want to examine your needs and see how a pitless lift can provide the necessity and comforts you are seeking to fulfil. Some questions to ask yourself may include:

  • Do you do so many journeys up and down several storeys of your home/home building?

Dragging your feet up and down several storeys of your building can drain your energy to do your work or chores with ease. Do you often have to carry heavy loads like books, baskets of laundry, or wood frames and down the stairs? A Pitless lift can transport you — along with your huge bundles — to the next floors fast and effortlessly. There is a wide range of Pitless lifts that cater to your utmost convenience.

  • Does your home have architectural limitations that make it seem impossible to install a lift?

A Pitless Lift eliminates the requirement for expensive tearing down of slabs or construction of machine room. Is your space only enough for the basic lift? If your property limitations make it impossible to install a lift, Pitless lifts have the means to resolve architectural confines. Your lift should look as if it was architecturally designed to complement your building structure.


  • Do you wish to install the lift outside your building so as not to disrupt your interiors?

Are you worried about disrupting your interiors? Fear no more as there are a variety of pitless lifts that can be installed externally to suit your needs or requirements. The remarkable engineering of a pitless lift is the same as that used by most standard lifts – all offering trustworthiness, ease and comfort to meet your requirements.

Whether you are planning to install a pitless lift now or in the near future, choose one from a reputable company that offers the expertise in pitless lift installation such as Meyer Engineering.

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