Innovative Elevator Design Ideas


The elevator is as much a part of your home as any other corner is. If designed the right way, it will not only go well but also accentuate the theme of your home that you are following. Regardless of the type of lifting system the elevator is operating on, there are plenty of design trends that can be followed to give these elevators a life of their own.

The glass is all about elegance

Well, when it comes to sophistication and elegance, nothing says it better than the clear glass walls. If your elevators run in the center of the hall or are installed where you can see them easily, go for glass walls instead. This transparency when maintained will give your house the wow factor it needs. An addition of some lights around and inside the lift will get you some bonus points.

Pair them with stairs

As it has been commonly seen, people have the lifts installed around or close to the stairs. So, getting in them to follow the color scheme and design theme of the stairs would be the only natural. If you have woodwork going around in your home, having both the stairs and the interior of the elevators follow that would give off an elegant feel. You can even have the elevator door contrast the floor coloring to creating a color breaking effect.

Pictures for a personalized effect

Well, what separates the elevators at home from those that we see in commercial areas? It is the personal touch that is evident in each one of them. You can certainly come up with your own ideas on how you can have the limited elevator space become something personal to you. Add in some family photographs or wall hangings that have some significance to the people who live there.

Decorative floor and ceilings

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you get inside an elevator, you either look above you or down on the floor at least once while you are riding it? So, why not have the floors and ceilings designed in a way that would captivate the riders using the elevator. Some extra fancy lights can also be added to create an alluring effect while the lift is moving around. It sure will make the short journey fun and something you would look forward too. In case you get to have a lot of visitors at home, this simple design idea will leave a long-lasting effect on them too.

These are just some of the many design ideas you can make use of when working with elevator systems at home. So, which one of the system are you planning on getting installed to give your home the trendiest touch it needs. For more information on the kind of elevator that would suit you the best, get in touch with Terry lifts today. They are the best at what they do and will be a great help in any decision you take.

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