Important Safety Information on Scaffolding


Any construction project above three metres should utilise scaffolding to keep workers safe and secure during construction work. A single fall could result in serious injury, and you cannot afford to allow even a single incident such as this to occur. By taking the right steps to ensure the safety of your men, you not only create a good reputation for your company, you also improve the loyalty of your employees, increasing employee retention and improving work provided by your team.


Hertfordshire scaffolding erectors and hirers are located right in the town to help you receive fast and reliable scaffolding structures that will hold a great deal of weight. When in use, all workers must securely fasten themselves to the scaffolding so that a misstep can never result in a fall and subsequent injury. Before allowing any of your men onto the structure, first ensure they are properly and thoroughly trained to use the structure and also make they receive every single key piece of information on its proper and safe use.


Depending on the type of scaffolding erected, certain weight requirements will ensure that the structures never come close to collapsing when in use. It is your responsibility to learn the structural weight limitations of your scaffolding and to keep them from being reached and exceeded during work. Should you exceed the weight limitations, you risk a collapse and many subsequent injuries, but it is typically simple to avoid such a problem by simply following your scaffolding guidelines.

Whenever you take the time to protect your men and your interests, you offer them the understanding that their safety is most important to you. Such precautions will ensure your men are more loyal and less likely to disobey your orders in regard to safety protocol during the construction of a new building.

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