How Topsoil Benefits Your Soil and Garden


Topsoil makes it possible to keep your garden or yard in good shape. That is because the product adds to the quality of the soil and makes it easier for plants to grow. In addition, a topsoil application prevents a problem with erosion.

For example, when plants grow abundantly, they need to grow in a soil that is porous – one that permits the retention of water. In order to achieve this effect, you must add a layer of topsoil. Not only does the extra layer of soil help plants absorb water, it is also rich in nutrients and microorganisms, which make the soil more hospitable to growth.

A Stronger Root System

When you use a premium topsoil, you will also have plants that develop a stronger root system. When a plant’s root system is strong, it allows the plant to receive nutrients more readily. Even if your soil makes it hard to grow plants, you can still obtain a sizable yield when topsoil is included in the soil.

Plus, topsoil plays a significant role in stopping erosion in a yard. Erosion will not only damage a foundation or property, it can also wreak havoc on the ecosystem as a whole. So, you need to include topsoil, such as the type of soil featured among Harper bagged products, in order to keep everything in balance.

When the root system is strong, it also prevents the soil from eroding, all which reduces the impact that the rain and wind can have on the land. To better understand the nature of topsoil, you also need to know something about how it forms.

How Topsoil Develops

Topsoil originates from a breakdown of rocks, and organic matter is included in the mix. As a result, it takes about a century for about 2.54 centimetres of topsoil to develop. In the earth’s composition, topsoil makes up at least 7.50 centimetres of the surface of the earth, and therefore plays an active role in the ecological cycle.

Premium topsoil holds a rich mix of nutrients and therefore looks darker than the subsoil beneath it. The proper topsoil holds water and nutrients well, which helps ensure the health of yards and gardens. You really cannot maintain a property without including topsoil in your gardening and landscaping projects.

So, topsoil not only gives new plants a healthy new beginning, it also enhances the quality of the existing soil. For example, the area around a home’s foundation can be full of clay or may be inherently sandy. By including several centimetres of topsoil however, roots can spread and plants will likewise grow more abundantly.

You simply cannot say enough good things about the use of topsoil. If you want to improve the look of your garden or yard, this is a must-have product that you should always keep on hand. Various kinds of topsoil are used for different reasons. Whilst less nutrient-rich topsoil is often used for backfilling, another grade may be used as a base for a paver path. Compacted topsoil is used for erosion prevention and therefore offers a good base for lawns or harder surfaces.

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