How To Order Your Custom Canvas Tarps


Canvas tarps are used not only to cover truck loads but for many other purposes as well. You can use such tarps to cover your boat, truck bed, RV, pool, swing set, tree house or playground equipments. The tarp can be used as a cover or an enclosure. It helps cover your personal belongings, commercial goods, expensive items and other things. The cover provides protection from natural elements. Tarps are available in both standard and custom sizes. You have to order custom canvas tarps for covering items that cannot be covered by standard size tarps.

For custom tarp, you have to provide your specification to the custom tarp manufacturing company. It needs information about the required size, color and material. You may have other specifications as well. For example, you may need tarp with cut corners. You have to inform about this requirement beforehand because the corners are not cut unless required by the customer. You may need tarp in a specific shape or geometry. Custom tarp manufacturer can make tarps in round, triangular or octagon shape.

You must correctly measure the item or area that requires coverage. Once you have correct measurement, you can place the order for custom tarp. Take help of measurement guideline given on the custom tarp manufacturer’s website. It will help you avoid any measurement issue. It is important to know that most manufacturers in this sector do not allow you to cancel the order. Once the company starts making your custom tarp, you will not be able to claim return, change or refund. For this reason, you should be careful in your measurement and while ordering online.

Your custom canvas tarps will be designed according to your specifications. It will be double stitched for superior strength. The manufacturer uses rust proof D-rings. Only quality Velcro, zippers and reinforced grommets are used. The custom product is made with heavy duty fabric that is waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant, mildew resistant and rot proof. These properties of the tarp mean there is maximum protection to your property and belongings. This protection is available at a fraction of the cost that it takes to build metal or concrete cover. Canvas tarps are a good solution if you need heavy duty temporary coverage. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas. Canvas tarps are extensively used for renovation, painting, covering the truckload or creating a shaded area.

Customization of canvas tarps is not limited to the size only; it extends to material as well. If you plan to use the tarp in an outdoor place on a long term basis, the tarp must be strengthened with additional materials. There are various customization options when it comes to custom canvas tarps. Your tarp will be made precisely to fulfill your storage, shelter or cover needs. Visit the website of custom canvas tarp manufacturer. Provide the required details like size, shape and design of tarp you need. You can order 1-5 sided tarps. You will be able to select a specific color for your custom tarp only with solid color tarp. In case of stripes, you can select only from available combination of stripe colors. The custom tarp is generally delivered to the customer within 7-10 days but it can take more days depending on the season.

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