How to Maintain Your Pipes


Your plumbing system is best when it is out of sight and out of mind. Most of your pipes are in the wall, or under the floor, and when they’re working as they’re supposed to, you don’t have to think much about them. You simply flush your toilet and the water disappears. Also, you turn on your faucet and water comes out. Then, the water disappears. It’s as simple as that. However, when something goes wrong, your plumbing is all that you can think about. Plumbing problems range from the very small to the very large. You can avoid these problems if you maintain your pipes and keep them in good shape.

Jetting Pipes

One of the most efficient ways to keep your pipes in good shape is to have to them jetted occasionally. Jetting your pipes occasionally means that professionals will use pressurised water, or pressurised air, to clean your pipes. If your pipes are not completely blocked but partially clogged, they can be harming the performance of your plumbing. Jetting can keep them clean. Professional drainage contractors in Cheshire can jet your pipes if you need.

Snaking Drains

Snaking a drain is the process of using a physical drain snake to catch and remove clogs. This is especially useful for drains that might collect clumps of hair. Hair is a common culprit that reduces the free flow of water and sewage. If you want to keep your drains clear, you should snake your drains occasionally. There are also some liquid rooters that might work for this purpose. You should consult with a professional before using any liquid rooter though. There are some products that actually damage your pipes. After you have a professional contractor aid in the cleaning of your pipes, ask him or her which product you should use.

Keeping your pipes clean helps to prevent plumbing disasters.

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