How to Maintain Your Central Heating and Ventilation Unit


The central heating and ventilation unit is commonly found in many houses all around the country. It’s a much better choice as compared to using a conventional heater and a separate air conditioner. The unit is kept in an open area and has a blower motor installed that regulates the temperature around the house through air ducts. Common problems that you might experience include:

  • Air ducts get blocked.
  • The condenser stops working.
  • The electrical system malfunctions.

Most companies that offer central heating services in Liskeard can repair your HVAC unit. However, it’s important that you explain the problem carefully to the company before they send over a technician. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your HVAC unit and keep it running smoothly.

Clean the Air Ducts

At least once in a year, you should call a professional HVAC repair company and get the air ducts cleaned. If the air ducts are not cleaned, the quality of air within the house will be affected. Not only this, but in case there’s a blockage, the HVAC unit might start overheating.

Removing Obstructions from the Condenser Area

If you have kept the condenser unit out in the garden, you should make sure that there’s clear space at least 30 centimetres all around the condenser. This is important so that the condenser can suck in the air efficiently. If there are obstructions, the condenser may not work as effectively as it should.

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