How to Keep From Scratching Your Flooring When Moving House


Moving house can be time-consuming and hectic if you are not prepared for the process. However, by taking advantage of the services of a removal company, you can streamline the task and make your removal a less stressful experience.

One of the concerns that homeowners often have about moving house is leaving marks or dirt on flooring, carpets, or walls. By using the services of an expert removal company, however, damage of this type can be prevented.

Therefore, it helps to have a basic understanding of how to protect carpeting, walls, or floors when you are moving. Because these things are often damaged, you know what measures you can take to avoid any issues that can lead to lawsuits by the people who take possession of your old residence.

How to Protect Carpeting

Carpeted floors often suffer abuse when heavy appliances and furniture are moved. The removal process can make it difficult to clean the leftover residue. After all, carpets soil easily when people step on them repeatedly. If the items you are moving have not been adequately cleaned, they can leave dirt and dust on carpets as well.

Apply a Self-Adhesive Film

To protect carpeting, apply a self-adhesive film. It will not leave a stain on the carpet fibres. The film can be applied by using a tool that resembles a paint roller. Make sure that the film lies flat on the carpeting. The film does not readily tear. Therefore, it stands up well to repeated activity.

Keeping the Floor Protected

Tiled or hardwood floors can also receive damage during house removals in Oxfordshire. To avoid this calamity, buy some plastic sheet covers to prevent marks. You might also use items that you may have lying around the house, such as blankets or old newspapers that can be used to form a pathway. Typically, if your floor is tiled, it is better to place felt pads or soft cloths beneath heavy furnishings.

Safeguarding the Walls

Do not neglect to protect your walls during a removal either. For example, in tight spots such as halls, cover the wall with drop cloths to form a barrier against scratches. You should also cover the sharp corners of your furniture with soft pads or old cloths to keep marks or scratches from the walls.

Prevention Is Necessary If You Want to Avoid Damages

While you may have to spend a small amount to protect your floors, carpets, or walls, it is a small outlay of cash. Compare that amount to what you could pay to repair damages, and you will see the wisdom of protecting your carpets, floors, and walls. It is always smarter and better to practice safety and prevention.

Use a Full-Service Removal Company

As noted, you also want to take advantage of the services of a full-service removal company. A full-service company is equipped with the proper accessories to reduce any chances of damage during a removal. The more you know about protecting your furnishings and the floors, walls, and carpets, the more successful your house removal will be. Make sure that you check your removal company is associated with the British Association of Removers to ensure you use a reputable company

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