How to Get the Look of Timber Flooring


Timber flooring is one of the most timeless and attractive flooring options. For thousands of years, wood has been used as a building material and specifically as a flooring material. It is used because it is easily shaped and worked with. Also, it is very attractive. Wood adds a warmth and a classic quality to your floor. However, it also adds a level of expense and effort to your flooring choices. If you have a timber floor, you have to make sure that you clean it regularly. Also, since wood is porous, it has to be sealed against moisture. If it is not sealed or the sealant is not maintained, changing temperatures and moisture can cause it to warp and bend. Once timber floors are scratched, it’s very difficult to undo the damage. There is another option, though.

The Alternative to Timber Flooring

Timber floors are great but they require more work on your part. They are sometimes difficult to lay down and require upkeep. If you want the look and feel of timber flooring, you should turn to laminate flooring. Laminate is a material that is made from synthetic materials. Instead of individual planks of timber, it is made of several sheets that you can apply by rolling them out. It is easier to lay than wood. You simply need to scrape down a layer of glue and roll the floor on top of it.

The Aesthetics

In the past, laminate did not capture the look and feel of timber very well. There were companies that attempted to produce laminate that would, but the technology did not permit it. Instead, the resulting flooring appeared to just have a photo of wood grain sitting on a material that did not truly capture wood. However, technology has advanced to a place that laminate is a viable alternative. Mimicking timber flooring involves capturing the look as well as the feel. Quality companies produce high-definition surfaces that capture the unique and nuanced look of wood grain. It can be designed to recreate the lighter grains of wood or something dark like mahogany.

In addition to high-definition images to capture the look, new laminate features a softer and warmer yield on the surface. It might not seem like there’s a difference, but the subtle give of wood is actually one of the most desirable features. Wood is made of billions of tiny cells that provide the slightest bit of give when you walk. It’s barely tangible, but you can feel the difference when you’re walking on your floor. New laminate mimics that very effectively; in fact, many people can’t even tell the difference between a quality laminate and actual wood.

Achieving the warmth and comfort of timber does not have to cost you thousands of dollars. You can create it at a very affordable price with quality laminate. Make sure you buy from the best, though. A cheap floor that poorly imitates timber is actually worse than a floor that does not even attempt. When you look through the showroom, be sure to examine the floor in different lighting.

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