How to Find a Locksmith You Can Trust


Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your car, broken your key off in the lock, or just want a whole new set of locks, a professional is the only way to go. After a burglary, most people want a new set of locks for their house to make sure they’re not burglarised again. Many people who lock their keys in their car want to have an extra set made so they can avoid it happening again. However, everyone has heard horror stories of professionals who make new locks for someone, then make a copy for themselves. They then burglarise a home themselves or sell the keys to some buyer. It’s not common, but it happens enough that it’s something you should be aware of. So, how do you know you can trust whichever professional you hire?


Track Record

You need to find a group of locksmiths who have a proven track record of reliable service. That means you need to find a group or company that has been in busy for at least a few years. If they’ve been working for twenty years, for example, they are likely doing a pretty honest job. It’s quite difficult to maintain a poor business for twenty years; the amount of dissatisfied customers would have long driven them out of business.

Customer Reviews

You should also look for a company that proudly displays links to reviews from their customers. Ideally, they will link you to a third party site that hosts reviews. The customers who leave reviews on third party sites have no incentive to lie for or against a company, so you know you’re getting an honest assessment. That should give you an indication of whether or not you can trust these companies.

If you find a company that is reviewed well and has a long record of good service, you should feel comfortable that they are trustworthy.

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