How to Create a Backyard Oasis: 5 Tips and Design Ideas to Consider


Creating a backyard sanctuary is a fulfilling and efficient way to cope with the summer heat. You save on power bills and get to have a relaxing and de-stressing space at your home.

But most people think creating a beautiful backyard takes a professional landscaper. That isn’t the entire truth. There’s plenty of DIY designing to try.

Are you wondering how to create a backyard oasis in time for the warmer months? Here are 5 tips and design ideas to inspire and get your creativity flowing.

  1. Consider Your Space

Available space and the backyard design will influence what features you can include. If your backyard is nothing but grass then you’re starting from scratch. Explore backyard patio designs to find something that is a good fit for your space.

If you already have a patio, you need to think about revamping it and adding the features that suit your needs. This could be adding aspects like a fireplace or a pool─ depending on the available space. If you have limited space, go for a minimalist design that cuts on landscaping.

Spacing will also affect the sitting arrangement. You want your space to be inviting, relaxing and spacious. Set up a lounge seating if your yard is open or has a lovely nature view. In an enclosed space, consider setting up a focal point like a fire pit.

Creating a focal point brings focus to one area and helps maximize the limited space. Another idea is to have a stunning water feature or weeping tree and have the lounge furniture face it.

  1. Focus on Your Priorities

When it comes to how to create a backyard oasis, beauty belongs to the beholder. Creating your perfect backyard space depends on your definition of beauty and comfort. Most backyard patio design priorities will depend on what you like or want as part of your design.

If you want to spend time with friends, you may create a conversation circle so place chairs around a fire pit. If you’re going to cozy up to nature, you may install tree or stone benches. A cooking enthusiast won’t want to miss an outdoor kitchen.

Choose a theme or the heart of your retreat and find complementary features to highlight it. Have a theme that connects to your outdoor elements and build it up to what you like. Remember, creating a backyard sanctuary is all about you and what makes you happy.

  1. Pay Attention to Comfort and Luxury Details

If you’re spending money to create a backyard sanctuary, you want it to be as comfortable as possible. There are a lot of elements to consider for ultimate comfort. It could be ceiling fans, furnishings, entertainment spaces, hammocks and even walking paths.

Figure out your seating early on to ensure your space can accommodate them. Find medium-sized, comfortable sofas and place them where you can get an optimal view of nature. Also, make sure you leave room to move around or use foldable chairs.

Once you’ve set up your outdoor dining area, find some umbrellas to create some shade. Put shades in various areas of your backyard so there’s enough place to run to when the sun is too much. Have some umbrellas around the pool also.

Don’t forget that it can get uncomfortably warm outdoors during the summer. Have ceiling fans installed on your patio if you want to stay cool and comfortable. Consider wet rated outdoor ceiling fans that can endure all weather.

Part of creating a beautiful sanctuary is creating intimate nooks or vignettes. Create quiet hideaways where you can go to relax or feel at ease. Enhance the spaces with a hammock, tree benches or create an arbor and grow some plants over it.

  1. Add Outdoor Lighting

Your backyard oasis isn’t complete without adding lighting. Lighting helps illuminate the walkways. It also enlivens the various features for a beautiful backyard space.

Lighting is further essential for improving functionality when the sunsets. If you’re hosting a barbeque, it can set the mood for entertainment and keep everyone engaged. You also need light on stairs, pathways and patio edges.

Have different lighting options for the various backyard areas. For instance, add some fire pit lights to enhance the flames and bring attention to the fire pit. Beautify your deck by adding some deck lighting. Add bistro lights on dining areas for a classic, elegant touch.

Play around with colors to uplift the space and evoke different moods. Consider full-color outdoor lighting for a mix of radiant hues changeable at a touch of a button to suit the occasion. Try WIFI outdoor lighting or a system controllable with a smartphone app to increase control.

  1. Add Plants and Water Features

Being in nature reduces feelings of anger and stress and triggers pleasant feelings. Studies show adding a simple plant in a room can help patients overcome anxiety. Likewise, creating a backyard sanctuary involves adding plants and water features.

Think of plants to add amazing scents, enchanting flowers or a lush view. Consider jasmine and sage for an attractive fragrance. Get some blue bearded iris, pink foxgloves and geraniums for ever-changing colors─ sycamores for sound.

Bring the soothing effects of water to your oasis by adding water features. Add boulder fountains to offer constant water sounds in your garden. Build a mini waterfall to bring a soothing sight and sound for de-stressing moments.

Another way to improve backyard patio designs is by adding an aquarium or a pond. An aquarium can act as a focal point or help trigger conversations during parties. It can also provide you with a fun and stress-relieving activity.

Learn How to Create a Backyard Oasis for Your Home

Figuring out how to create a backyard oasis may seem an intimidating task. But all it takes is to figure out what you want and get started.

Find a backyard patio idea that suits your space. Then follow all these tips to create your beautiful sanctuary. The most important part is to add your special touch to your personal preferences.

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