How to Conserve Energy with Reflective Foil Insulation


Businesses and homeowners are showing an increased interest in the health of the environment. Everywhere you look, people are trying to limit their carbon footprints. One area that can have a tremendous impact on energy use is the proper installation of insulation.

Keep reading to learn how to conserve energy with the help of reflective foil insulation.

Foil Insulation Keeps the Heat Out in the Summer

On a hot summer day, the sun begins to heat the roof. This heat is then passed to the attic and eventually the rest of the property. If the home or business has an air conditioner, the unit works harder to keep the property cool.

The foil insulation works as a reflective barrier from the heat. Installing reflective foil insulation in the attic helps keep homes and buildings cool during the warmer months. With Superfoil insulation, most of the heat from the sun is reflected, potentially cutting energy bills by a quarter.

Foil Insulation Keeps the Heat Inside During Winter

During winter, heat can escape from the walls, floor, and attic. With reflective insulation, less heat is wasted. As with reflecting heat away from the house, it also helps to prevent heat from escaping.

Throughout the year, the foil insulation continues to offer energy-saving benefits. It keeps the heat out while also helping to maintain indoor temperatures.

Foil Insulation Is Versatile and Lightweight

Due to the material, foil insulation weighs less than foam and blanket insulation. Created from multiple layers of thin thermal material, foil insulation is easier to install in tight areas such as inside the roof trusses or rafters. By reaching tough spaces, the insulation offers better performance than most other forms of insulation.

In addition to easy installation and energy conservation, foil insulation is non-toxic, fire-retardant, and safe to install without any protective gear. These benefits make foil insulation a preferred choice of contractors.

Purchase Insulation from a Qualified Source

Not all insulation is created equally. Consumers should purchase their insulation from a reputable source of quality foil insulation. Look for manufacturers that follow the latest building industry regulations.

In addition to purchasing from a quality source, you may want to use professional installation. Proper installation is key for better performance.

Foil insulation is more effective when installed near the source of heat. It also requires a tight seal. Professional installation can help ensure that these details are followed.

Professional installation can also help create a moisture and vapor barrier. By creating a tight seal in the right areas, the property may experience less humidity and less of a risk of moisture and mildew.

Insulate Your Property with Foil Insulation

Foil insulation provides benefits throughout the year. It is suitable for almost any setting. This includes residential, commercial, and industrial applications. To start lowering your energy bills, consider using multilayer foil insulation.

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