How to Choose a Murphy Bed


In small urban bedroom interior designs, you might feel space constraints. This is because most homes in urban cities are small. However, it does not mean you cannot make your bedroom interiors appear spacious. There are many simple techniques you can use for that. One of the most effective techniques is making use of space efficiently. There are a number of ways to save space in your bedroom. Many homeowners consider choosing a murphy bed instead of a regular one. Since the bed is generally the biggest item in the bedroom, you can make a lot of free space in your bedroom by choosing this option. A murphy bed is also called a foldable bed as you can fold and put the bed into the wall when it is not required.

Make sure that you choose the right murphy bed for your bedroom. If you are not sure about how to choose the right one, here are a few tips that will help you to make the right decision:

01 of 05 Determine the purpose

You must determine the purpose of the bed before buying one. This is because this bed idea can serve many purposes. For instance, you can choose a murphy bed that offers storage space if you feel that your room interiors are appearing cluttered. Whenever you fold the bed into the wall, you will be able to access the storage space. Or, you may need a workspace so that you can work from home. In that case, you can get a murphy bed that comes with a foldable table. When you fold the bed into the wall, you will be able to use the table and turn your bedroom into your office. Similarly, you can get murphy beds that can offer seating space so that you can entertain your guests. Some murphy beds come with a combination of different features as well. Therefore, you will have to first determine your requirements and then buy a murphy bed.

02 of 05 Take the room layout into account

Pay attention to the layout of the room before choosing the murphy bed. This will help to choose the right murphy bed for your bedroom interior design. For instance, if your bedroom interior design is long and narrow, you will have to look for a vertical bed that will easily fit in the room. Just make sure that the ceiling of your bedroom interiors is high enough to accommodate it. In case the bedroom interior design has a low ceiling, a vertical bed will not fit. A horizontal bed will be more appropriate for such rooms. It is crucial that you take proper measurements of the room before finalising the decision. You do not want to end up buying a bed that will not fit.

03 of 05 Pay attention to the mechanisms

Many people often forget about this factor but you must never ignore it. The mechanism of your bed idea is very crucial. You will find two options while choosing the mechanism, one is called the piston mechanism and the other one is called a spring mechanism. Experts generally suggest choosing the piston mechanism. This is because the piston mechanism uses air pressure and does not require a lot of adjustments over the years. It uses a lock to hold the bed in its place. However, spring mechanisms may require adjustments over time.

04 of 05 Ease of removability

You will also have to take the ease of removability into consideration. This is because you may have to remove the bed if you decide to move to a different home. While some bedroom furniture ideas are easy to remove, others require a lot of time and effort. You can find many freestanding options in the market that do not require any installation. However, they are not very popular. Mostly, wall-mounted and floor-mounted murphy beds are found in bedroom interior designs. Most wall-mounted murphy beds feature a piston mechanism and are generally easy to move. You will not have to worry about damaging it. However, floor-mounted murphy beds come with a spring mechanism and are a little difficult to move.

05 of 05 Durability

Durability is certainly one of the most crucial factors you must focus on while exploring your bedroom furniture ideas. This is because you do not want a murphy bed that will require repair or replacement only after a few years. It will waste your time and result in a lot of unnecessary expenses. Therefore, you must only choose murphy beds that are durable and sturdy. Many experts suggest choosing solid wood murphy beds for durability. However, they might not be a great option for everyone as solid wood is expensive. Also, the risk of warping is associated with solid wood. You can consider choosing a plywood murphy bed if you want economical options. They are sturdy and durable as well. Just make sure that you avoid particle board or medium-density fiberboard murphy beds.

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