How to choose a moving company? 4 keys to facilitate the task


Making a move is highly stressful, especially if the move company choice is left for the last minute.

In many countries like Australia, there are seasons where it is uphill to find a serious moving company that is available, the high demand for services on certain dates or months.

This is the case of the school holiday period, as well as December and the first days of January. These are the times that many families take advantage of to make a move of city or property.

In Newcastle and other cities, many users may be confused when getting a suitable moving company. This is due to a large number of companies that provide this service in the market.

So the most important thing is to know well what to do before and what criteria must prevail to choose the right company.

On-time planning

To avoid the exhaustion and stress that is usually generated by a move that is not planned, you have to take enough time to decide which company to select.

The search should begin several weeks or months before among family, friends and work colleagues who can provide the best recommendations on recent hiring of moving services.

We must continue the search on the websites of companies such as Removalist Newcastle to get references and review the comments of customers who have already gone through the experience of hiring these low-cost services, for example, for the Newcastle area. This will allow a better approach and facilitate the decision.

This gives first-hand information about responsible companies and what they offer. If they secure the cargo or if they also take care of the packaging and carry out the proper packaging of boxes and wraps of furniture, appliances, fragile items with bubble wrap, etc.

Contract and permits

It is important not to accept verbal quotes from moving companies. A serious company will send the information of its costs in writing, to the Whatsapp or email of the client, to avoid misunderstandings and possible subsequent changes that may alter the oral agreement for the service.

Before formalizing a contract, the user must verify that the company is registered and regulated by the authorities. This is the way to ensure that the company will comply with legal requirements such as civil and merchandise liability insurance and that its workers are insured.

Insurance and wraps

One of the data to verify before hiring a moving company is to check if they insure the merchandise and how much. It is important to check that the insurance is not below the true value of the cargo to be transported.

Another detail is the packaging and if it is included in the budget. Although wrapping the boxes, furniture, equipment, clothes, books, tools or any of the belongings can be cheaper if the client himself does, there are moving companies that perform this task.

They have the appropriate equipment and appropriate technique to ensure that each item reaches its destination without damage or loss, using bubble wrap, boxes of all sizes, cupboards, cabinets, and others. Normally, it is a service that they offer the day prior to the work of moving.


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