How Swim Spas Can Expedite Your Recovery


Recovery is a crucial aspect of training for any sport. When we exercise, the amount of lactic acid in our bodies builds up and our muscles may suffer from microscopic tears. Through the recovery process, our bodies are able to eliminate a lot of that harmful lactic acid build-up which causes our muscles to feel sore while also allowing our muscles to fully relax so that they can properly heal.

An interesting study was recently published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness which looked at three traditional recovery methods which athletes use: massage, active recovery and passive recovery. While all three methods were successful in helping clear lactic acid from the body, the method which cleared out the most was swimming (active recovery).

What is a Swim Spa?

One of the newest things to come out of the pool industry in recent years is the swim spa. This is a machine which allows swimmers to continuously swim against a current of water. Swimmers never hit a wall, never need to turn around and can customise the strength of the jets so that they receive a good workout.

Swim spas are smaller than standard swimming pools, which is another reason why they are becoming increasingly popular. A lot of these spas are large enough for a family of 6 to comfortably fit in, while others may only be suitable for one individual. Many models also include a hot tub at one end so swimmers can enjoy a warm relaxing soak after exercising.


How Swim Spas Help With Your Recovery

As the study mentioned above observed, swimming is the best way for athletes training for any and all kind of sports to recover after a hard workout. Another study published by the same magazine found that compared to lying still, athletes enjoyed a 14% improvement in their run time to fatigue after swimming for recovery. It is believed that swimming helps reduce tissue inflammation and the hydrostatic properties of water also help soothe hard-worked muscles.

But swimming is not the only benefit you may enjoy from this unique machine. Homeowners who choose to purchase swim spas with a hot tub at the other end will be able to further enjoy the benefits of that.

  • Soak in the hot tub before you exercise. Soaking in a hot tub prior to exercising will relax your body and loosen the muscles. This increases your ability to exercise and helps reduce your risk of injury. Some of the best golfers are known to have a pre-soak prior to a big game as it helps improve their performance.
  • Sit in the hot tub after you exercise. Most athletes have heard of how important it is to have a post-exercise soak. The warm water helps relax your muscles, while targeted jets will massage your muscles and help you further clear lactic acid. Those who use a hot tub after exercising often report having almost no soreness the day after a workout.
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