How Men Would Build their Kitchen


Not that long ago, kitchens were considered the domain of women. Along with frilly aprons and pastel coloured refrigerators, the days of the quintessential 50s’ housewife are now a thing of the past, as that’s definitely not the case these days. From self-sufficient bachelors to egalitarian couples to wannabe celebrity chefs, more men than ever are cooking for themselves and for their loved ones.

The Rise of the TV Celebrity Chefs

If you spend any amount of time watching TV, you must have come across chefs who are out there, presenting and delighting audiences with their knowledge of all things tasty. Along with their inside knowledge and tips on how to make an impression food wise, they have also become household names for themselves. Not that long ago, a man creating absolutely delicious fare on TV, would have been exceedingly rare.


Forget about pictures of “countryside chic” or porcelain chickens and cats. The kitchens most men would like to create, are sleek, modern, individual and ready for any style-conscious man to dive into, get to work and (in the immortal words of Bill Haley) rattle those pots and pans!


If you are looking for “masculine” kitchens, you will find a couple of things that most  have in common — all have some element of a sense of warmth (through the use of wood, copper or stainless steel) and  some kind of industrial style to them. Men in Perth kitchens are doing exactly the same. When it comes to a paint job, darker colours are popular, and you seldom see bright oranges, reds, blues and greens in the man kitchen.

30% More

And the kitchen remodelling industry is catching on and responding to these gentlemen in aprons, partially because, as customers, they put their money where their mouths are. The cost of the kitchen will be at least 30% more than if a woman makes the same choice. Big marketing opportunities there!

And Some 

Pride of gadgets – Men, have no interest in hiding equipment. Colourful appliances are also appealing, too, although sober darker colours remain popular.

Second sink – This is a must, including suitably straightforward hardware such as a spray-tap attachment with a strong flow of water. Two sinks are better than one, should the man on the job, see one sink filling up with pots, pans and utensils used whilst cooking.

Elevated counters – Also very popular. Most kitchens cater to the woman and as most men are taller than women, it makes sense to have one that is raised. If husband and wife both cook, then a second lower counter can be fitted. For all your kitchen needs in the Perth area, Kitchen Capital WA is the most awarded kitchen company around. Use only the best!

Broad entertainment – A wireless sound system and smart TV would complement any man’s kitchen and can all be simply controlled with a single remote control or smartphone.

Super-tough surfaces – For counters, low-maintenance quartz and other engineered stone products, which are resistant to stains and scratches, in uniform and usually darker colours. Speckled stone loses out here.

Lots of Power – Ranges, exhaust systems and dishwashers should be heavy-duty. With a powerful range, choose a hood designed for high smoke clearance! Also, the hood should be high, but not high enough as to be ineffective.

OK fellas! Show us what you can do!

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