How do we renovate windows onsite


This is often nowadays when the owners of houses and apartments tend to make their housing more sustainable. For the same reason, they do not seek to replace wooden windows with plastic ones, but prefer to renovate them.

The renovation is a capital repair of sash windows. It includes sash windows restore, window rot repair, replacement of glass and window painting.

What advantages can convince you to leave wooden windows?

  • Natural wood;
  • wood is hygroscopic and it contributes to the active circulation of air in the house;
  • low thermal conductivity saves heat;
  • wood can sustain a long time (with proper care);
  • aesthetic look;
  • wooden windows are suitable for different interiors.

If you have noticed the window opening is blowing or it has lost its window appearance due to frame deformation, fungus appearance, wood damage or one of the nodes (window fittings), this is a serious reason for wooden window restoration. As soon as you have found at least one of these reasons, you can call our company and order the window restoration service.

Our sash window specialist carries out radical casement window restoration using high-quality materials, such as

  • resilient timbers
  • resins
  • flexible fillers.

Our company will accomplish sash window restorations in just two days. At the same time, we carry out the work in your home or office, this makes it possible to leave the windows closed for the night. How exactly is the whole process? For beginning paint of window pane is removed with hot air gun or chemicals. Sometimes old wooden windows are deformed. It could result in itself distortions and curvature of the frame. For example, one or more window casements are slanted. This is the second problem that our specialists will help eliminate.

If a fragment of the frame is rotted, it can be replaced or restored. If replacement won’t help, renovation must be utilized. The damaged area is cleared of paint and dust is removed and also putty is imposed.

Industrial coating contractors will give your window a new life, even change its color with industrial paint coatings. Repainting sash windows with mordant not only enhances their aesthetic qualities, but also makes the wood more resistant to UV-rays, and also prevents rotting and fungus development. An important step is the replacement of window glass. This affair must be entrusted to professionals in order to avoid chinks, which will prevent to store heat in your house. Moreover, specialists of our company can provide a weatherstripping and weatherization of windows.

Don’t forget that the number of years serving a new window depend on the quality of the renovation. We can give you a quality guarantee for years to come.

You can check the sash window restoration cost by calling us on the phone number listed on our website. You will be pleasantly surprised by reasonable prices and high quality of work.

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