How can Acoustic Flooring improve your space


Acoustic Flooring is great for preventing unwanted sounds from causing a disturbance, but how can you personally benefit from installing Acoustic Flooring?

Sounds are what we hear on a day to day basis; they can be in the form of spoken words or footsteps. Noise is something that can be generated, absorbed and transmitted, however, JCW Acoustic Flooring provides a wide range of products that can ensure that there is less impact sound produced.

The sound of footsteps is an example of impact sound. These types of sounds are determined by the pressure from the room below, not necessarily the room that you can hear the noise in. JCW’s Acoustic Flooring can stop the impact sound from sneaking in the room, can you afford not to find out how?

If you’re looking to create idyllic working conditions, JCW Acoustic Flooring have just the solution for dampening unwanted sounds! Their Acoustic Flooring incorporates a resilient layer that ensures less impact noise is produced, essentially allowing you to minimise the volume of sounds that can cause a distraction.

Believe it or not, acoustic materials can improve your space by reducing the volume of noise within the room. In eliminating such noise, the Acoustic Flooring can create an environment that’s comfortable to work and live in.

How to soundproof your floor?

There are several ways that you can soundproof your floor and JCW Acoustic Flooring are always on hand to help!

The acoustic solution is often dependent on the room you want to soundproof and the materials; however, you’re sure to benefit from at least one of the following:

  • Acoustic Battens
  • Acoustic Cradles
  • Acoustic Decking
  • Screedboard

Acoustic Battens

Installing Acoustic Battens to your property will instantly improve your living standards. These battens are fixed securely to the floor and the Acoustic Flooring is laid over the top of the Acoustic Battens.

These Acoustic Battens are used to reduce the transmission of sound and are pre-bonded. Acoustic Battens are designed to suit your needs, hence why JCW Acoustic Flooring supply the JCW 80C, JCW 80T and JCW 50C Batten Systems.

Acoustic Cradles

The Acoustic Cradles are also ideal if you’re looking to improve sound efficiency. They offer excellent impact sound reduction and can also make uneven subfloors level. The battens are positioned into the Acoustic Cradles and this can isolate floating floors from the wall, allowing you to minimise the transfer of sounds.

Acoustic Cradles from JCW Acoustic Flooring have been used for various projects including the Holiday Inn at Media City and Canary Wharf!

Acoustic Decking

An Acoustic Deck is a resilient overlay that is renowned for its high performance. Installing Acoustic Deck to your property will improve the sound within the space, allowing you to keep excessive volumes to an overall minimum.

You can expect to find the JCW Acoustic Deck 28 & 32, the JCW Acoustic Deck 19 and the Knauf Brio Overlay boardshere, so be sure to choose suitable Acoustic Decking for your home or business!


Cellecta Screedboard is considered to be the ultimate Acoustic Flooring solution that is ideal for timber frames. One of the main reasons why the Screedboard is so popular is as a result of its Robust Detail accreditation.

The Cellecta Screedboard from JCW Acoustic Flooring is designed to enhance the acoustic performance within rooms and offers properties of impact and airborne sound insulation. JCW Acoustic Flooring supplies the Cellecta Screedboard which is compatible with underfloor heating systems too.

Could JCW Acoustic Flooring help you to improve your space? Find out today by calling 01204 387029!

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