How are Resin Bound Driveways Installed?


Many UK homeowners have wondered how they manage to achieve such a high standard of finishing when installing a resin bound driveway, and for those who have never witnessed a resin bound driveway being created, here’s how it is done.

The Ground Preparation

The existing material, which might be concrete or asphalt, must be removed, along with at least another 6 inches of the under soil, which is then filled with a layer of hardcore that is rolled into place. This provides a solid platform for the resin bound material, and is essential if the surface is to remain solid. Watching the experts install resin bound driveways in Newark, you would see the team create a timber framework to control the edges, while preparing the substrate for the resin and aggregate mix that is soon to follow.

The Resin Mix

Small aggregate is thoroughly mixed with high grade clear resin prior to being applied to the substrate, and when poured, it is carefully spread, and with timber struts surrounding drain covers and the edge lines, the finished product is like a fitted carpet. The mixture takes a few hours to harden, and when it does, you have a great surface that looks stunning, and although the material is semi-permeable, it will not move with extreme temperatures.

The Advantages

Resin bound surfaces offer:

  • High Durability
  • Non-Slip Surface
  • Range of Attractive Colours
  • Water Resistant Surface

If you would like to explore the potential that resin bound solutions offers, a Google search will put you in touch with a local supplier, and with their help, you can choose a design that will turn heads.

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