Home Security Additions that Most People Overlook


We all understand the importance of home security, and with modern technology, this can be easily achieved, at least to an acceptable level. CCTV and alarm developments allow us to maintain a level of security against any forced entry into our home, yet what many people fail to realise is that we also have valuable items in our gardens.

Smart Thieves

The latest generation of house breakers are not actually house breakers. Realising the difficulty of actually making a forced entry into a modern home requires a high level of skill, and more importantly, an opportunity. Breaking into a family garage would be an easy task, and most families would keep all their bikes, tools, and other outside assets in this structure, so the burglar suddenly realises that with a change of techniques and new targets, they can make more money by stealing certain, easy to move objects that are kept in the yard. Bike security chains can stop anyone from stealing your wheels, and if they are anchored to something substantial, you can be sure that they are safe.

Garden Security

So, how does one protect the exterior of the home? Sensors that automatically turn on the lights would help, and with bright LED spots carefully positioned, it would take a brave thief to stay and continue on their mission. Security chains can also make it more difficult for the garden burglar to gain access, and a strong chain locking your main gates will ensure that your car is safe at nights. If a burglar were to come across security chains at the perimeter, they would more than likely give up on the idea and look for an easier target.

Neighbourhood Watch

Aside from the official campaigns, which are usually very successful, some homeowners decide to enlist the help of a few neighbours and create a small, but watchful group. One idea is to have a barbecue one evening and invite all of your neighbours, and during the evening, mention that you are concerned with home security and ask if any others feel the same. The answer is usually a resounding “yes”, and this can lead you to propose that everyone will keep their eyes peeled for anything that looks unusual. If everyone has each other’s mobile number, a quick call can establish if the homeowner is at home, should someone hear a strange noise coming from that direction. There doesn’t have to be a firm patrol schedule, which tends to disrupt our routines, rather everyone becomes more aware of what is happening around them, and enquires whenever they are unsure.

Online Solutions

Buying items like security locks and chains might seem a little daunting, but in reality, there are online suppliers that have a range of items for the security conscious homeowner or business person. Securing the exterior is as important as providing a solid security system for the interior, and with a few select purchases, you can effectively ensure that your outside assets are safe.

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