Home Improvement: An Additional Toilet and Bath in Your House


Mornings in a big family are usually chaotic. Everyone just wanted to have their morning habit done or shower first before they start their day’s work. But with only one toilet and bath in the house, the most prudent way to do while waiting is to eat breakfast or make the bed or skip the shower and go straight to change clothes.

This typical scenario may bring stress to family members and may significantly affect how their mornings would start. To some, they may start the day grumpy. Because someone else is already knocking on the bathroom door, they weren’t able to stay longer to scrub their body. This simply situation may affect their overall dealing with loved ones and even strangers who would come in contact with them.

Most likely, the number of toilet and bath in a house can make or break the overall functionality of family members. Moreover, it can affect one’s mood.

Toilet and Bath Space Requirement

It is for this reason that for any home improvement plans, it is important to consider adding another bathroom. The beautiful thing about an additional toilet and bath is that it doesn’t entail a lot of space. At the most, you will only require your mason or carpenter to work on a three- by six-foot room for a toilet. Of course, you can always prefer to allow a more prominent space if you have the resources and additional room for that.

Toilet and Bath Essentials

For an additional toilet and bath, it would be sensible to include in the budget a Brondell Swash 1400. Having this means less use of toilet paper. In the long run, it will save you a considerable amount of money and will lessen worries about clogged toilets. Add to that, having a bidet teaches children good personal hygiene. Washing their bottom every after use is proper bathroom hygiene similar to washing their hands every after bathroom use.

Toilet and Bath Construction

To find a space for your additional toilet and bath, look around your living spaces. You may have an over-sized bathroom you could divide into two average size rooms. Or you may separate the toilet from the bath area by constructing a divider and a new door for each. Also, consider spaces under the stairs or a storage space that has not been used for a long time. You could also get a portion of the area from your garage or even your garden which is just attached to your building structure.

Additional Toilet and Bath

Often, a toilet and bath offer solitude. It can be one’s hiding place. To some, it is called a comfort room because it genuinely gives comfort to a person. As for you, you may consider it as your own private space where you shower, do your morning rituals and relieve yourself. Making it a comfortable place for every family member is a nice gesture to show love and care. But you can definitely show more love and attention if you have an additional toilet and bath constructed within your home.

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