Here’s Why You Need Folding Arm Awnings


If you want to increase the size of your outdoor space and the time you can spend enjoying that space, a folding arm awning is the way to go. These awnings are the answer for many homeowners looking to increase the appeal and usefulness of their outdoor space. Folding arm awnings are not limited to use above doors and windows, but today’s modern awnings can also be used to shield a car space or pool area or to create a covered entertaining and dining space.

The Advantages of Folding Arm Awnings

Besides being aesthetically appealing, the awnings are cost effective, easy to look after, and versatile. The awnings are low maintenance and only require the occasional cleaning to keep them looking like new. What’s more, the awnings are available in a variety of shades and styles and are powder coated in aluminium for added longevity.

Installing folding arm awnings in Adelaide above a pool area can help you protect the pool from the effects of the elements, such as dry leaves and debris that have an adverse impact on the pool’s filtration system.

Taking Care of Your Awning

To keep your awning in the best shape, you need to ensure you take care of it during the winter and autumn months. Here is a list of minimum care requirements.

  1. Check the Folding Arms Regularly

Since the awnings ‘rest’ during winter and autumn, small issues can lead to bigger ones if the awnings are left unattended. Check the folding arms on a weekly basis during the colder months so that issues such as loose screws and rust can be attended to immediately.

  1. Test Motorised Awnings

During the wet season, you probably don’t give a thought to testing your awning’s motor, but you should be doing it at least once a month to check for maintenance problems. It may seem like a hassle, but humidity can damage the motor and the sooner it is discovered the better.

  1. Cleaning The Awnings

When you choose an awning, you spend a good amount of time choosing the material and colour that will best suit your home and needs. Some of those materials and shades fade over time, not only from the sun but also due to acid rains, dust, and dirt. The occasional washing can delay the process. If your folding arm awnings are stored folded up, they are at greater risk.

  1. Check Light Bulbs

If your awning has had any light bulbs installed in it, make sure you check them regularly. Most of the time you won’t encounter a problem, but it is better to play it safe when dealing with electrical features on your awnings.

Follow the above care advice and you can avoid damage to your awning or potential problems becoming bigger. By taking care of your awnings throughout all seasons, you can enjoy them for longer and in turn enjoy your outdoor space almost all year long.

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