Here’s Why It’s Important To Conduct Regular Fire Drills At The Workplace


Accidents, natural disasters, and emergency cases can happen anytime, anywhere.

Many people spend most of their time in their respective workplaces. To keep them protected during unpleasant incidents like fire-related emergencies, business owners carry the responsibility of ensuring their company has secured and employed the necessary safety and precautionary measures — like purchasing Baltimore fire protection equipment and conducting regular fire drills.

What are Fire Drills

A fire drill is an activity where people who can be potentially at danger during fire incidents practice step-by-step emergency procedures. It’s a method where a hypothetical fire emergency situation is staged, teaching individuals what are the things they must do, the route they must take — and most especially — the behaviors they must embody so they can be safe until a rescue team or a fire brigade arrives.

Why You Should Hold Fire Drills

If you want to keep your employees safe during fire incidents, you need more than just buying the most advanced and sophisticated Baltimore fire protection equipment. Legally speaking, it is a must for you as an employer in the United Kingdom to conduct fire drills annually at the very least.

Apart from this legal obligation, here are some more reasons why this vital exercise shouldn’t be ignored:

It helps instill the proper mindset in your employees

People who are facing danger react differently. But in most cases, it is almost always typical for someone to panic, lose their composure, and get lost in the whole stressful situation. With fire drills, you can practice the adage, “practice makes perfect.” This type of activity will help hone the emergency response capabilities of your employees, instilling in them the proper mindset they should have in times of accidents and emergencies.

It helps you identify weak spots in your fire emergency plan

When an actual fire breaks out, expect that your fire emergency plan won’t be carried out 100% percent like the way you want it to be. There will always be unexpected circumstances and arbitrary factors you can’t really control. For instance, an exit door has been unintentionally locked or a hallway is blocked by a delivery of supplies. If you want to modify your risk assessment so cases like these can be avoided as much as possible, the perfect way to do it is by conducting fire drills.

It helps you check if your fire alarm system is still in good working condition

Fire drills are also an opportune time to check if your fire alarm system and other Baltimore fire protection equipment are still working. Over time, these tools can become faulty or undergo natural wear and tear. In case you haven’t done a maintenance check yet, you can inspect the conditions of these gears when you stage a fire drill. You can also check whether all the employees can actually hear the sound blared out by your alarm system.

An Important Note

When conducting fire drills, it is necessary for the assigned committee to make proper observations and record important notes about the activity, such as the time it took for the employees to evacuate the building. The goal is to assess and make the necessary improvements in order to create the most effective fire emergency response scheme for your company.

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