Helpful Hints for Moving Internationally from Boston


Moving abroad is actually not all that different from moving from state to state however there are some key differences that you need to factor in to your move. Here are some helpful tips on how to move abroad without breaking the bank or stressing yourself out.

There are some great international moving services in Boston MA but what any prospective clients needs to remember is to research all the options! Moving by land, by sea or by air all require a little more attention to detail than a regular move.

  1. Start by selling anything you don’t need. It’s amazing how much stuff( aka junk) one can accumulate over the years and if you imagine paying to move this junk to a new location you may want to have a garage sale, sell some things on eBay, or give things away to those who could use what you don’t.
  2. Once you’ve decided what you’re going to get rid of.the next consideration is deciding what you’re going to ship and what you’re going to take with you in your suitcase. When you move to a different hemisphere seasons can be turned around so make sure you are packing for the season you will be moving to. Helpful Hint: If you have the luxury of choosing one, moving to summer season is always easiest because summer clothes are smaller and simpler to pack.
  3. Take extra time to consider big items like vehicles. You may be in love with your classic car but do you love it so much that the cost of shipping can match the cost of owning it ?
  4. Another great option is to store some items stateside. Once you arrive you can then decide if you have space and really need them.
  5. Make sure you are clear on how you will be charged for the move. Some companies quote a guaranteed cost, while others give an estimate based on the approximate weight or container size of what you are shipping. Sometimes the estimate can be very different from the actual cost.
  6. Know your time line. If time is most important, you will be likely to pay a little more to ship internationally from Boston but if you are not in a rush, the flexibility will allow you a better price. Alternately, if you are one of the many who take the opportunity to travel as you move abroad, you need to ensure that someone is in charge of receiving your items in case they arrive before you do.
  7. Choose a company that knows the rules of international shipping. Experienced movers will know what things cannot travel across certain borders and what things need a special permit. Finding a mover with this skill keeps you from having to reinvent the wheel. Use the moving company’s expertise to your benefit.

Planning your move is exciting and with the right mover, a smooth transition to your next home awaits.

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