Guidelines for Selecting the Right Removals Company


Moving to a new home or premises can be a very stressful process, it takes a lot of time and energy to organise all your possessions and transport them from one location to another. Instead of moving everything yourself, a better option would be to consider hiring a professional removals company to take care of all the hard work. It takes all the weight off your shoulders, and lets you focus on other responsibilities.

Consider Your Options

Give yourself plenty of time to source a reliable company and do not leave everything until the last minute, moving all your belongings to a new place is a challenging operation which takes a certain amount of planning to run smoothly. You must prepare all the necessary components a few weeks in advance, and finding a trustworthy, dependable removals service should be one of your top priorities.


Make a number of enquiries to a list of potential companies before you settle for one organisation, it is important to do a little research on removals companies to find out what type of services they can offer. Most high quality removals businesses should provide a range of services such as:

  • Insurance
  • Home & Office Removals
  • Domestic & International Removals
  • Storage
  • Property Clearance Services

Ask as many questions as possible to find out which company best suits your needs and can provide the most affordable service.


Another way of finding out a lot about removal companies in your area is to do some research online, read through reviews, customer satisfaction surveys and also speak to anyone you might know who has recently used a moving company. Do not feel obliged to employ the first organisation you speak to, take your time and choose a company that feels right for you. Try not to be distracted by large companies with glitzy marketing strategies, some smaller businesses can be just as capable.

Budget & Insurance Costs

Prior to choosing a company, you should establish exactly how much you have to spend on the whole process. For instance, property removals in Selby can be costly if you do not budget accordingly and hire the most practical service. You do not need the most expensive service on the market, likewise, you should not choose the cheapest option available, simply hire a company that provides a tailored service for you.

The vast majority of removals companies will have a varied selection of insurance policies which you can choose from, some examples include:

  • Complete Value Protection
  • Assessed Value Protection
  • Policy Based On Weight
  • International Services Policy

Most companies provide basic insurance cover which is generally enough for most people, but they also offer various other options some of which are mentioned above, you should choose a policy which best suits your particular circumstance.

When relocating to a new premises it is advisable to hire a professional moving service, carrying out the process by yourself can be a challenging, stressful situation.

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