Great Interior Design Ideas for Bedrooms


The bedroom is the one room in the house where personal tastes can shine, and with the emphasis on comfort and a tranquil ambience, your bedroom can be so much more than a place to rest your weary head at nights. If you follow the traditional interior design basics, then calculate the floor space in the room, this will be your starting point. Colours need to be carefully chosen, and whether you prefer something contemporary, modern, or downright traditional, you can begin to create a floor plan.

The Floor Plan

This can be drawn onto a large sheet of paper and you would naturally begin with an empty square or rectangle, which will be the foundation, then add items to the plan, starting with the bed, then think about wardrobe space (fitted units offer maximum use of space) and seating. You can make some colour cards and place them at different places on the plan, which will give you an insight into possible colour contrasts. Colours are either warm or cool and finding the right balance between the two will ensure the ambience is perfect, as a room that is too warm in colour will overstimulate the senses, and too much cool colour will make the room seem bland and uninteresting.

Seek Professional Guidance

If you are looking for fitted bedroom furniture in Wakefield, for example, there are specialist firms that will follow the clients brief on design, and by working to your budget, they can design and build your ideal bedroom setting. You could, for example, choose two colours that contrast well, and use these for furniture and wall covering, and by adding some accessories and ornaments, you can make use of the rich colours to offer the room some depth and contrast.

The Bed

Obvioulsy the show feature of the room, your choice of bed will very much determine the style of the décor, and avoid the temptation of selecting the biggest bed you can, as this might take up too much space. The bed placement is important, with a central position being very popular, and once you have found the ideal location, you can build the room around this. Aside from the look of the bed, it is essential you find it comfortable, and it is not recommended to buy a bed without first trying it out. If you are at all concerned that the salesperson will think you a little odd, it is perfectly normal to bounce around on a mattress for a while prior to making a decision, and when you consider the price of a good bed, it makes sense to be sure it works for you. Nothing too soft or hard would be the ideal choice, but it really is a personal preference, so take your time when looking at beds.

This is the time for some experimentation, and by using a floorplan, you can mix and match colours and placements to ensure the selected design actually works, before you go ahead and agree to anything.

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