Getting the Most out of Your TV Reception


TV has changed an awful lot in the past decade or two. We’ve seen a plethora of TVs on the market, including 3D sets, High Definition, and now Ultra High Definition! Additionally, we have also seen an explosion in the number of TV channels offered on free to air alone. This is not even to mention the pay-TV options that are now available at more affordable subscription fees than ever before.

How Is Your TV Reception?

Of course, even though we now have access to more TV channels than previously, there are still plenty of people having problems with reception. The move from an analogue signal to a digital one means that we have lots of access to TV channels and extra information, but it also means that old reception equipment may not be up to date.

If you’re still relying on an old antenna that is 20 years old or more, you’re still relying on dated technology to receive all digital TV signals. In fact, the former antenna on your roof is probably contributing to the poor reception, including signal dropouts, visual block, and screen freezing.

Going All the Way on Digital TV!

The good news is that a professional satellite dish installation could get you the digital TV that you’ve always wanted. Experienced satellite dish suppliers in Perth can assess your needs, put together a quote, and install a satellite dish that will receive all of the digital TV you want. Here are the advantages of such a set-up:

  • Reception: First and foremost, you’ll have better digital TV reception. The problem with the old TV antennas is that they are prone to interference from electromagnetic sources, weather, and location! A satellite dish is different technology and does not drop out due to this sort of interference. In short, it is superior reception technology.
  • Convenience: If you want to view some of the pay TV subscription services, you’d typically have to have a satellite dish installed, in addition to your antenna. The good thing about having a single digital TV satellite mounted on the roof is that it can receive both free to air and pay TV signals, meaning a single dish for all of the TV viewed in the home!
  • Internet: These days, it’s become essential for families and individuals to have fast access to the internet. This can be frustrating if you happen to live in a black spot identified area where fast internet is very limited. The good news is that a satellite dish can also be used for quick internet in the home, meaning a single dish for digital free to air TV, pay TV, and fast internet.

There’s no reason not to look into a satellite dish, especially if your current antenna isn’t getting the job done, or you live in an area with limited fast internet options.

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