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While selecting granites for household countertops, one has to consider a number of factors that come into play. In fact, a variety of features govern the decision on the right or the wrong choice of granites for countertops, and professional help and advice can wonderfully assist this process of decision making. These kinds of investments are for a lifetime and one must judiciously go about them.

Factors that come into play while buying granites

There are many features of granite countertops that must be considered while going for them, but only an engineer dealing in materials science and technology can consider the matrix properly. The best thing to do for a layman, therefore, is to seek professional help on this. And for granite countertops, it is always better to go to the trusted brands that deal in this field for long, like Granite Selection.

Among the many things that go on to help in selecting the right kind of granites for countertops are:-

  • Thickness
  • Durability and strength
  • Polish and finish
  • Aesthetics like colours and features
  • Cost


How knowing the right end use help in proper selection

We all know that a thicker slab of granite will give better durability and strength. Again, it will also cost higher because it will be difficult to process, finish and polish. On the other hand, thinner slabs are less costly as the various aesthetic features can be imparted very easily; but they may not be as long lasting as the thicker ones.

While selecting between these two kinds of varieties, one has to consider the end usage in order to make the best choice. A tile chosen for the floors, for instance, will need durability and strength. Thus, in such a case, one must go for a thicker variety of granite countertop. In order to reduce cost, one may choose the varieties with a lesser bit of aesthetics, which is justified because when used as a floor tile, chances of them getting dirty are more!

But in case of a kitchen countertop or bathroom tile, the forces acting on them or a daily basis is much lower; thus, one might go for the thinner and lighter varieties that are easier to process, polish, finish and install and thereby less costly. Here, one would also love to opt for the flowery and colourful varieties, and they will be more affordable because they are light and thin now.

Thus, having a proper consideration of the end use can help one get the most out of the investment made in this regard. However, it is difficult for an individual buying for the first time to make the right choice after knowing so much about them. That is why professional consultants can be of great help.

Hiring a pro- will not add to cost

Yes, that will; so do not be fool enough to hire a consultant for this job- just contact the best of manufacturers around like Granite Selection in Chicago. Their service engineering team can give you the best of advice absolutely free of cost!

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