Future of Assisted Living: Our predictions and Speculations

Young nurse interacting with patients while they play a game of cards

The world of home care is getting more and more advanced in the recent days. The popularity of assisted living is in its peak now, and the reason behind this trend is nothing but the fast paced life which we are all leading. In the earlier times, senior family members used to live with their family or if that wasn’t possible they went to retirement homes. Now, things have changed and home care agencies are slowly overtaking retirement homes by the number of clients.

Home care agencies allow the senior citizen to stay in the comfort of his or her home and get practical assistance and medical attention right there. Your elderly relative can also get basic companionship included in the services, which can lift their spirits. High quality home care agencies that provide in home care in Los Angeles can provide that extra touch of warmth to your dear ones. When you turn to a home care agency for professional services, you are literally providing the best possible comfort for your elderly relative, as they are coping with old age in the comfort of their home.

Here are some possible future trends which may emerge in home care services.

The impact of technology in home care: Technology plays a crucial role in all areas of our life and slowly, it will make its mark in the area of home care as well. It is expected that personal care robots will replace nurses in the coming days. How does that sound? Smart home computer systems which will keep track of the medication routine are also expected to be developed relatively soon. If it continues like this, artificial intelligence will surely bring about a lot of changes, even to the elderly.

Cessation of nursing model care: Now, most home care services are providing nursing model type of care. In the future, this trend is expected to decline. The future of home care will provide a right blend of nursing care and companionship. The caregiver will provide more love and care, which will contribute to a deeper bond being created between the elderly client and the professional.

Introduction of more experts: Nowadays, in most cases, general nurses handle most tasks in home care. But in the future, things are expected to change and more specialized professionals are expected to enter this field. For example, Alzheimer patients will have particular caregivers and the same will go for clients who have other diseases.

Introduction of multi-generational housing options: This is another noted trend which is expected to create a revolution in the area of home care in the coming days. Active seniors who do not want to move into a community are now looking for an independent lifestyle. Multigenerational housing is a concept which is gaining huge popularity, and this is expected to become a trend in the future. This concept aims to make a home suitable and adaptable for young members as well as the old. Many people have already started building these kinds of multigenerational houses so that they can enjoy their old age in the comfort of their home with the help of services of home care agencies. This concept is also expected to enhance the intimacy between various generations of a family.

Senior housing cooperative living: This is comparatively a new trend in this area. In this arrangement senior citizens can gain the benefits of community living, but on a smaller scale. In co-housing, residents live in independent houses, but they can benefit from shared spaces like garden and other recreational benefits. The trend has been growing through the past decade, and it is expected to reach its peak by 2020. These cooperative living spaces will offer many amenities and life style perks which will enhance the quality of life for the elderly to a great extent.

Eco-friendly senior living: Living with the nature has that unrivalled healing power, and it tends to have a positive impact on the life of senior citizens. Initial investment is needed to build eco -friendly spaces, but the elderly living in them can enjoy multiple benefits.

Home care turning to a mammoth business: As the living span of human beings is increasing every year, home care is also emerging as a mammoth business. Top class companies that provide personalized in Los Angeles home caregivers services will continue to refine their services to meet the requirements of the increasing number of clients.

While selecting a home care service provider, you should be very careful and always make sure that you are choosing the best ones for your requirements. You should first understand your needs, and analyze various factors before making the final call. You should check the provider’s license and the contract, and make sure that they are authorized to provide in home care in Los Angeles. Discuss the details of their services for a hassle-free experience.

Asking about previous work experience and testimonials is the best thing you can do to check the quality of a home care provider. Make sure that the home care service provider is experienced in handling cases like yours. Testimonials will confirm the quality of the company’s previous work and this will help you a lot in making the correct decision.

One of the major advantages of obtaining home care services is the way they support the mental well-being of the elderly. A person who is in their old age love to continue living in the comfort of their home even when they are not as capable as they used to be, and this is what home care services offer. These services are a lot more affordable and convenient than retirement homes, and they will provide that extra piece of mind to your elderly dear ones.

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