From dark and decayed to light filled and open space


Design is what makes people fall in love with the product, whatever the product might be but good design matters. Spot on designed furniture is a need more than want so DWR is bringing their outstanding  designed household stuff that brings your house back to life.

 Furniture in-house taking inspiration from the enduring design movements of the past, particularly Shaker, Asian, Danish, Arts & Crafts and Modern. These eras share principles we consider fundamental to good design, like honoring natural materials, working with simple, organic forms and making the functional beautiful. Design Within Reach designs are rooted in this heritage, but reinterpreted for life today.

Soothing Effect when looking at fine made DWR furniture bought with Design Within Reach Coupon.

Gilt and glam can be fun to look at, but there’s something very soothing about a home outfitted with simple and sleek materials, like this Belgian residence by Design Within Reach bought by Design Within Reach Coupons. What once was a smaller semi-detached place near the city center was extended into a bright, sunny home for a sport-, travel- and book-loving couple.

The timber frame from Design Within Reach construction is visible via columns, beams and wall and ceiling panels throughout, lending the house a rustic, minimalist look.

With the help of two large white sliding doors, the kitchen disappears completely. When in view, you can appreciate the pure white sink that’s combined with a marble worktop. The space can effortlessly go from calm and harmonious to warm and intimate.

The only partitions that are not demolished are those in the hallway, which generate the servant spaces for the apartment annexed to the patio. They are located between the day spaces and the night space in order to give more privacy. The structures of the building are load-bearing walls parallel to the facade with few openings that darkened the rest of the apartment. We realized a big opening in one of the intermediate bearing walls taking advantage of two existing doors, in order to improve light and spatial flow.”

The old joineries, ceiling mouldings and traditional elements found in the apartment have been restored. At the same time the new materials such as the metallic beams used for the openings of the walls are expose to emphasize the previous distribution.

Design Within Reach Furniture flaunts in a beautiful way appreciating the architecture of the place.

Design Within Reach Coupons could be used, to buy beautiful furniture from DWR.

Traditional and technical materials are painted in white, which improved natural light and gave the place an homogeneous and timeless atmosphere.

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