Fishing for Compliments


While strolling through a garden, well-groomed and pruned, deep green and dotted with swaths of colour from fragrant flowers, you see in the distance the edge of a pond. As you reach the still, liquid mirror of the water’s edge, the lush, soft grasses gently curve down to meet the shoreline. A light breeze dances across golden strands as the sweet scent of nature’s nectar intoxicates you with its beauty. As you take the last gentle steps toward the clear, rippling water, you see the flash of iridescent rainbow hues and patterns beneath its surface. The ornamental fish see you, just as you see them. As they rise to greet you, they silently ask for grain or bread, becoming a mass of fluid movement as you distribute their nutritious gift.

Live the Life of a Fairy Tale

To have an experience like this, many would travel many miles, pay a service fee for lodging, and be far from home. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can take the initiative to bring paradise to your back door. Through the installation of a custom fish pond on your property, you will be giving your landscape a focal point of the grandest proportion. Every other part of your landscape will lend itself to the impression that your water feature makes, and complement it perfectly in an artistic, aesthetically pleasing way.

Bringing live animals into your landscape is a bold step indeed. Motion and what can only be described as life’s essence is allowed to spring forth into your private piece of heaven. To be a proper steward to these living things, of course you will want to provide the conditions that are essential to enable them to flourish. For years they will live and be part of your life, and their care and companionship is in your hands.

To Breathe Is to Live

In creating a living monument, you are choosing to create life itself. To bring this gift to your garden, the effects of what nature provides is essential. Choosing to use fish pond pumps to replicate what a natural water feature would have in the way of aeration and filtration lets you provide the most natural and healthy of environments for the living inhabitants of your masterpiece. This one item can be the keystone of a feature that flourishes, or of one that flops. When you are undertaking the task of adding a pond to the exterior of your property, it is important that it is done in a way that will provide the greatest amount of pleasure possible. Aristotle wrote, “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”, and that implies that increasing the pleasure in your life lends itself to your goal of being a better person.

Bringing together your desires and your reality is a rather philosophical way of looking at installing a landscaping feature, but there is no more important time to think deeply than when you are designing and keeping the space in which you live. Happiness is meant to be shared, and by filling your cup you then can share that happiness with others in your life.

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