Exterior Home Design Styles You Need to Know About


When it comes to changing the look of your home, most people start with the interiors. But did you know that you can totally change your home’s style just by making a few changes to the exterior?

Let’s breakdown the latest in exterior home design styles so you can get inspiration for your next exterior redesign.

Exterior Home Design Styles You Need to Know About

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see, so it leaves a lasting impression and tells your guests about the overall style of your house. The options are endless when it comes to changing your exterior home design, so you just need to get a little creative to bring your vision to life.

Let’s look at the most popular house styles:

  1. Modern

Sharp edges and clean lines create a sleep look for the contemporary family. Use natural materials, low-pitched roofs, and plenty of tall windows to achieve this look.

  1. Art Deco

For a bold look with more color and softer edges, go for an art deco vibe. These exteriors are usually done in stucco. You can have fun with pops of color and big plants to finish off this look. Get art deco color ideas here.

  1. Cape Cod

If you’re in an older home that was built around the 1930s, chances are it was done in the Cape Cod style. Featuring a box-like exterior shape, steep rooflines, wood siding, and dormer windows, the Cape Cod-style has come back into the rotation, as it evokes a storybook vibe that’s perfect for a family home.

  1. Craftsman

When you see a craftsman home, you immediately think of coziness. Intimate front porches, large brick pillars, and natural colors make these homes feel inviting and ready for dinner guests.

  1. Victorian

These exteriors are full of romance with distinctive details and textures. Patterned shingles, big bay windows, a striking front door, and a steeply pitched roof make these homes unique and unforgettable. The beloved Banks family home on 17 Cherry Tree Lane from Mary Poppins is a great example of a Victorian-style home.

  1. Cottage

Bring the countryside to your home with a cottage style exterior. Featuring storybook arched doorways, cross-gables, and windows with small panes, this style exudes charm. The exterior is usually done in either brick, stone, or stucco, and painted a light color that blends with nature.

  1. Farmhouse

Bring back simpler times with a farmhouse style exterior. Lined with picket fences and featuring large wraparound porches, farmhouse homes remind you of days gone by. Keep it simple and focus on creating an inviting environment with front porch swings and plenty of space in the front yard for hosting.

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Want More Design Tips?

Let us know which one of these exterior home design styles speaks to you the most.

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