Everything You Need to Know About Boat Upholstery Cleaning


Do you spend a lot of time on your boat? If yes, you expose your upholstery to harsh weather elements: sun, wind, and rain. Plus, it’s also susceptible to dirt and stains.

As a boat owner, you’ll need to protect your boat Upholstery Cleaning from these adverse effects. Several maintenance tips are available to make this happen.

Such include regular cleaning exercise to remove any dirt and stains. In this article, we’ll focus on the boat upholstery cleaning practices. Such consists of the following:

  • Avoid Household Cleaning Products

To cut on cost, most people use household cleaning products on their upholstery. The truth is, it does more harm than damage.

The chemical composition in dishwashing soap disintegrate the cushion materials. If this persists over time, it’ll destroy the vinyl.

For this, you need to use the best marine upholstery cleaner. Such products will have UV protection compounds to protect against damage by the sunlight.

As you’ll note, most vinyl products use Nano-Block technology that makes it easier to clean. It also helps build a tough layer or ultraviolet rays at the vinyl top.

But using harsh cleaning products will thin out this layer leaving your vinyl unprotected. The result is rapid deterioration.

  • Choose the Best Cleaning Method

Cleaning any furniture is often a headache. But nothing can be more disturbing than removing stains and dirt from your upholstery.

Even worse, it takes a small accident- a spillage, misbehaving pet or worse- to create annoying spots that stick out like a sore wound.

Cleaning upholstery is difficult than other household assets. That’s because its fabrics catch stains making them difficult to clean.

As you’ll note different types of stains require a variety of cleaning agents. Having an expert to do the cleaning ensures your needs are met at all times. They’ll analyze the stains and come up with the best strategy to clean them.

  • Use Additional Cleaning Procedure

In most cases, the boat upholstery surface doesn’t get any protection after a cleaning exercise. It’s wrong. Don’t let it happen. But why should you give an after wash protection?

You’ll be using your boat in a harsh environment. With time, the salty water and persistent exposure to sunlight will damage the upholstery.

A wipe-off or spray-on formula does wonder on your cushions. It makes your pillow look brand new for years.

These type of products will restore and make the upholstery colors bright. Like we wear a sunblock to protect our skin from damage by sunlight, the vinyl protectant blocks damaging sunlight rays. With this, the stains will not penetrate to your vinyl allowing it to serve you for long.


A vinyl upholstery looks impressive on your boat. But it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain its aesthetic nature. However, exercise caution during the cleaning process. Avoid using common household detergents as they’ll have a devastating effect on your upholstery. Be sure to engage an expert who’ll choose the right agent to clean your vinyl furniture.

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