Every Tile And Grout Needs To Be Cleaned


Tile and Grout Cleaning brings back the life of your tiles while removing hard to reach scum, grime, and dirt. Your tiled flooring can look worse for wear due to commonly laid grout is porous and over time with everyday wear and tear and common spills. Many customers who are placing their homes on the market have found a professional tile and grout clean to add enormous value to their home. The impression will make all the difference because you are giving your floor a fresh look.

Benefits Of Wizard Tile And Grout Clean

The grout between each tile can be a perfect breeding ground for potentially harmful diseases like in bathrooms and kitchens because these places are usually wet. You can have this area clean by professional that can provide a safer environment. You can ensure a hygienic, safe, and clean environment with a Wizard tile clean for your customers and employees with our professional services.

Paying Attention To Tiled Surfaces Too

We all know that our bathroom and kitchen are mostly made up of tiled surfaces that can be a perfect breeding hideout of germs and bacteria. If tiled surfaces are not regularly cleaned, an unhealthy black mold can grow on the grout in between tiles. Mixing a baking soda and a small amount of white vinegar together until you form a solution can make you one of the best natural ways to clean grout. With the help of an old toothbrush, apply the mixture to the grout and scrub clean then wipe over with clean water and allow to air dry. Call an expert for a thorough clean that removes stains and eliminates germs and bacteria. Wizard Cleaning offers professional tile and grout cleaning helps in getting rid of microorganisms growing in between your tiles not just making your tiled surfaces sparkle.

Cloudy or Milky Tile Surface

A wrong cleaning product has been used for that tile type that is why you will see a cloudy or milky tile surface. Call a professional for tile and grout cleaning right away in this cases because they use the correct products and process in cleaning tiles and can give you proper advice on products you can use.

Glass and Metallic Tiles

Avoid using abrasive products and applicators when you are cleaning glass and metallic tiles because this type of tiles has a glossy finish that makes it prone to scratching. Glass and metallic tiles should also always be swept before they are mopped because mopping with dirt still on the floor will just move the sand around causing scratches on the tiles.

White Residue And Stains On Tiles

White residue or stains are commonly seen on tiles. It is the result when water penetrates underneath the tiles and the minerals in the water crystalize so the white residue or stains appearing on the surface of the tiles that are known as Efflorescence. The source of efflorescence should be determined by an expert and refrain from using a DIY treatment that can lead to more issues.

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