Ethanol Heaters Are A Great Home Heating Alternative


Winters can be brutal, especially if you do not have a reliable heat source. Keeping yourself and your family warm is not an option, it is an absolute necessity. If you want to do it in a way that is eco friendly and affordable, then you should consider ethanol heaters. This is an alternative heat source that not many know about, but that can solve a lot of problems people have with their heat source.

Winter Heating Options

Many people turn to space heaters of some sort in order to keep their homes toasty in the colder months. Wood burning units are very popular, but they need to be constantly fed, which means that overnight, the house can get quite cold unless you wake up in the middle of the night to feed more wood into the fire. The same goes with pellet burning units. The other issue with these units is that sometimes, you may not have wood or pellets available to burn, which means your home grows cold.

Benefits of Ethanol Heaters

These units are a great way to get warmth without having to worry about constantly feeding the fire. The gas burns for quite awhile, and stays burning, with only periodic refilling needed. That means it can go all night without you have to wake up to tend to it. Come morning, you awaken to a really warm home, making it easier to get out of bed.

Clean and Safe

This form of fuel has no emissions, so it is perfectly safe to use in any household, including ones with children and pets. The air stays clean and fresh, and there is no soot or ashes that need to be cleaned out. In fact, the fuel burns clean, making cleanup a breeze. Refills are available at any outdoor or sporting goods shop, usually with other forms of fuel.

Easy Handling

The refills for these units are safe to handle and transport. Unlike other sources like propane, they are not volatile and do not need to be kept outside. You can store them in your house like any other household tool.

Stand Alone Ethanol Heaters

There are several models you can choose from when selecting this type of heater. The most popular is a stand alone unit that is easy to install in your home and can heat an entire room. The size of the room it can heat depends upon the size of the heater itself. There are also stand alone ethanol fire pits for outdoor use that look like a wood fire and are great for parties and family gatherings.

Fireplace Ethanol Heaters

In addition, there are models that can be used to retrofit a traditional fireplace. If you have just moved into a house with wood burning fireplaces, you can have ethanol heaters installed instead using the same space.

Seamless Integration

There are many shapes and sizes to choose from, depending on how big of a space you need heated. There are also many colors, so that you can fit the heating unit directly into your decor so it looks like it was there all along. You do not have to sacrfice style in order to get function out of these units, which makes them an even better choice.


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