Enjoy More Time Outdoors by Installing an Awning


If you have an outdoor space then you probably enjoy being out there during warm weather to barbeque, relax with a book, or entertain family and friends. Unfortunately, during the summer months, your patio or deck can be too hot to enjoy. However, if you shade the space with an awning, you can create a cool space to enjoy even when the sun is at its highest during the day.

Cooling Your Space

In order to provide shade, which can drop the temperature on your patio or deck up to 10 degrees during the hottest part of the day, you can purchase an awning to cover the entire space or a portion of it. Most standard folding arm awnings in Melbourne will cover an area that is six metres wide by three metres long. If your space is wider than that, you can add another unit to cover the additional width.

Along with helping to cool the space outdoors, awnings also block the sun from shining in through the patio door glass, which will help maintain a consistent temperature inside your home. Since awning fabrics are made to block the sun’s UV rays, your skin will be better protected and the awning will prevent your outdoor furniture from becoming sun damaged.

Awning Operations

There are two ways by which to operate folding-arm awnings. Most standard awnings are crank operated, so you turn the handle when you want to open it to provide shade for your outdoor area and then retract it at night or during inclement weather. Once the awning has been unfurled, then you would lock the arms to hold the awning in place until you decide to retract it for the evening.

Some manufacturers give you the option of having a motorised system that allows you to operate the awning with the push of a button. You may be able to choose motorised awning systems that have sensors that will automatically retract the awning if the wind speeds are too high so the awning doesn’t get damaged. An advantage of a motorised system is that you don’t have to go outside in order to retract the awning if the weather gets bad.

Awning Choices

When you buy an awning for your outdoor space, you will have a wide selection of solid colours from which to choose. You can pick one that matches or contrasts with the exterior of your home, or you might want to choose an awning with a traditional striped pattern. The colour of an awning can help set any mood that you desire for your outdoor area.

Awnings are not only a good option for cooling down outdoor spaces at home but they can be installed to provide additional outdoor space for cafes, coffee shops, or pubs as well. You can add seats in front of your shop so patrons can sit outside to enjoy a latte or have a pint with their mates on the patio of your pub. The awning will pay for itself by increasing the seating area for customers.

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