End of tenancy cleaning without forgetting the polishing!


Of course, the finishing polish is only one of the many things that you don`t want to forget. A flawless end of tenancy cleaning will ensure the return of deposit and the good impression for yourself. Talk with your roommates to make a schedule about the end of tenancy cleaning and spread out the tasks to use the time more efficiently. It may take you only one day or maybe a full weekend, according to the degree of staining of the objects. Next are a few examples of what to try not to forget and how to deal with some of the hardest stains.

The easiest way to clean everything without forgetting something is to spend some time in the very beginning of the cleaning, for a thorough inspection of the rooms. Take notes about the degree of staining of the objects and highlight the locations of the most soiled areas. By adding all the notes in the cleaning schedule, you definitely reduce the chance of forgetting something, especially when you and your roommates are doing the inspection at once.

Pre-vacuuming is another thing that people often forget when they see a soiled spot onto the carpet, for example. When all the floor coverings are dotted by soiled spots or when there are only a few dark tiny spots, pre-vacuuming is an essential part of the end of tenancy cleaning. It is a quick and easy task, which eliminates all the loose particles, dust, dirt and other blemishes, which otherwise can change a yet small and simple spot into a real mess. Pre-vacuum all the floor coverings, including tiles, grout lines and synthetic materials. Then, change the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner if possible to pre-vacuum all the upholstered furnishings, such as chairs, the sofa and more.

Cleaning a flat

Remove all the handling objects from the walls, from the backsides of the doors, from the windows, from the fridge… If the glue is truly hard and persistent – use a stiff spatula to remove the glued object and then make a simple homemade solution for the complete extraction of the glue and the dirty traces. Mix a small amount of baking soda, rubbing alcohol and lemon juice into a cup of hot water. Apply the solution with a clean cloth and let it soak for a few minutes. Clean with a towel by rubbing and repeat the procedure if needed. This solution works on almost every flat surface from tiles, to marble and wood textures.

Another thing that you don`t want to forget is to clean the windows. Call a professional window cleaning company if you can`t handle with the size and dimensions of the windows by yourself. Some truly persistent spots are also quite challenging, but the professional cleaners have the perfect detergent compounds and tools for this. Cleaning the windows will transform the entire atmosphere and it is always a good finish for the end of tenancy cleaning. Just make sure not to forget the window frames as well.

Finally, some wiping of dust is always important. A flexible duster with electrostatically charged head is very handy for reaching hidden areas and tiny spaces like behind the fridge coils or under the big and heavy furnishings. Another great tip is to polish all the wooden surfaces with a special polishing compound or a wax, which will enhance the shine and texture of the surfaces. Don`t forget to deodorize the room as one of the final tasks for the end of tenancy cleaning.

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