Don’t Hesitate When it Comes to Asbestos Removal: Call the Experts


The use of asbestos as a building material or insulation material has been banned for quite some time. However, the industry boomed in the mid-19th century, bringing asbestos to the construction industry as a preferred material for government buildings, schools, and many other structures. It may still be found in flooring, ceilings, insulation around pipes, and many other places in buildings constructed in the first six decades of the 20th century.

Structures that have reached the limit of their useful lives must be taken down to make way for new construction or open spaces. Unfortunately, many of these buildings have asbestos in various places which must be handled carefully by trained professionals. People have learned to treat this naturally-occurring mineral with the utmost respect because of the serious health problems it causes. Some homes were constructed with asbestos materials as late as the 1980s.

Don’t Guess

If you have any doubts or concerns about asbestos in your home or in a building you frequent, you should never assume it’s safe. Don’t guess. Call a company that specialises in asbestos removal to make sure that the demolition is handled correctly. It’s possible that the asbestos is not in a form that will pose a risk to people using the building. However, if the fibres do become airborne, they can be quite harmful. Inhaling the fine dust and fibres can lead to mesothelioma, a life-threatening lung disease.

Intervention by an experienced and trained professional is the only safe course of action. It’s possible that the material may be encapsulated rather than having to be removed, but this decision should be left to the experts. In fact, you should arrange to have the work completed by a licensed firm such as PROAS asbestos removalists. These companies not only have the necessary licensing but they carry specific insurance and must maintain detailed training programs for workmen and supervisors.

Devote a few minutes to the website of these leading providers and you’ll find they bring more than two decades of experience to the job. In addition, they hold a Class A Asbestos Removal license from WorkSafe Victoria, which qualifies them to perform asbestos removal from commercial locations, industrial premises, and residential structures.

Various Tasks

Asbestos removal may involve inspection; cement-sheet removal; roofing removal; the removal of vinyl floor tile, pipe lagging, millboard, vinyl floor sheeting; or floor grinding. As mentioned, the process may also involve asbestos enclosure and site decontamination. It’s essential that you remember asbestos is a hazard to you and to others. To have peace of mind, you should schedule an inspection right away.

Trained and experienced professionals will conduct a thorough inspection without endangering the health and safety of family members and colleagues. If this process makes it clear that there is a need for asbestos removal, you will get a reliable and accurate quote for this special task. You may want to start by visiting the website to learn more about the process. But don’t hesitate to call and request a site visit. This may be one of the most important phone calls you make.


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