Does That Tree Really Need to Be Removed


Trees are an incredible addition to any yard. They help to create shade on warm days, they serve as windbreaks, and they can even create fruit. However, they can become a problem if they are not properly healthy. An unhealthy tree or a tree that has grown too large can be a danger to yourself, your neighbours, and your property. A tree that is overly large or overly tall will be in danger of falling over or dropping heavy branches. They can injure people and damage property. If you have a tree that has grown large, you have a couple of options. You should call a professional landscaping team to have the tree assessed. It’s not a guarantee that all large trees need to be removed.

Is it Healthy?

The tree team will first investigate whether or not the tree is healthy. If the tree is healthy, they will have more options. Sydney tree removal services might still be the right option, though. Sometimes, the tree is just too large or it is placed in an inopportune spot. In other cases, you might want it removed for cosmetic or functional reasons. If it is breaking up your yard, you might want to remove it so your children can play footy without obstruction. In other cases, the tree could be too close to the house, the driveway, or some other part of your property. That will cause the roots to either grow unstable or they could grow right through your driveway. To avoid that, you might need to have your tree cut down.

What About Pruning or Lopping?

Pruning and lopping are similar processes with very different results. Lopping is the process of just cutting off a large amount of a tree; essentially, you lop off the top of the tree. It is done with very little regard to the health of the tree. It’s seen as an alternative to completely removing a tree. If the tree is fairly healthy but it is too tall, you can lop it to shorten it. Lopping sometimes creates such a wound to the tree that it cannot recover and then needs to be removed anyway. Sometimes the tree recovers and is fine. If you need a drastic change, you can ask the experts about lopping trees.

If you just need the tree to be more contained or more shapely, they can prune it. Pruning involves cutting parts of the tree and removing certain branches until the tree is a more manageable shape and size. This is done with the health of the tree in mind; in fact, a good pruning job should make a tree healthier. It will remove old growth and allow the tree to grow stronger.

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