Do You Require Home Clearance Services


House clearance services can range from small jobs to sizable projects. It just depends on the reason for the clearance. For example, many people ask to have their house cleared of clutter and unused items when they are downsizing their home. Sometimes they are moving abroad and cannot take all their items with them. In other instances, they may need to clear their garage so they can park a new car.

Kinds of Disposals: A Quick Overview

This type of disposal service is facilitated for a wide range of properties. Therefore, a clearance can include all or only a portion of a house. During the process, you might come across valuable items that haven’t been touched for years. These items may have some serious resale value, and you never would have found them if it weren’t for the clearance service. Stair-lift removal and rubbish removal are included in some cases as well.

Bereavement Clearances

House clearance in Surrey also features bereavement clearances. All unwanted clothing, furniture, and other items of the deceased are removed to spare the clients from doing it themselves.

Partial Removals

Partial removals are personalised, depending on the client’s requirements, locale, and budget. These kinds of clearances can include a number of items or just one or two furnishings.

Making a Cost Determination

When contacting a house clearance service, make sure they offer a free, no-obligation quote before making a decision. They should provide both quotes and invoices in writing. Three factors will influence the amount you spend for the service:

  • The required labour;
  • The cost for disposal of the cleared items;
  • The resale value of certain items that are cleared.

Purchasing Items for Resale

If the resale value of the items that need to be cleared is considerable, an offer will be made to purchase the items, or the client will be advised on where the items can be sold and how they can actually sell them.

If an agreed price offsets the total cost for clearing a home, the final price is set from this determination. In some cases, the company charges for their work, whilst in other cases, they can clear a home at no charge to the resident. It all depends on the value of the items that are being cleared.


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